Evening Sessions ..Starring Uneq'ka, JustFlo and Precise JustFm365

JUSTFM365 is extending to you a personal invite to Evening Sessions. This Friday and Every Friday at the elegant Living Room Lounge at 1100 W. Cermak in Chicago. (Cermak and Carpenter)

Evening Sessions is A Journey Into Art and Sound. This Friday and every Friday at the elegant and upscale Living Room Lounge JUSTFM365 would like to invite you to experience The Renaissance of Chicago Culture live and in person.

Help resurrect the Englewood Multicultural Center (The E.M.C.)

A portion of your $10 donation will help to restore The E.M.C

Come Out...This Friday and Every Friday and enjoy the Live Music, Visual Art, Food and Drinks and become immersed in culture.

Stimulate Your Senses With The Arts at Evening Sessions.

Here is what you can expect

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High School Students Reaction To "It's On Me"

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who works at a Chicago Public School played my song "It's On Me" for her students. She asked for them to explain what they got from the song. Their responses are listed below.

The students really enjoyed hearing your song. I was shocked at some the responses that I received.

1. No matter what I come across its up to me to overcome.

2. I cant blame anything on anyone else its all up to me.

3. I cant blame my mother for me not doing well in school.

4. When we go outside its up to us to change. We are killing each other. We cant blame anyone but ourselves.

5. When I wait til the last minute to do my work and I dont get the grade I should I cant blame anyone but myself.

6. We cant blame anyone for our struggle or situation. We are the only ones that can make it better. Things will never be fixed waiting on someone else "It's on me"

7. I need a plan because my future depends on me.

8. We cant blame our parents or the generation before us for what we are living through. We have to gain control of our own destiny. My future is on me.

9. Everything I go through is because my parents are messed up. This song gives me hope that someone out there cares. If everyone have this attitude then maybe life wouldn't be so bad.

I am truly humbled by this. You never know who is listening and what type of message they get from the music. This is encouraging. We can make a difference.

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May Dayz...Help For Haiti X Fiesta Movement X 2Annual Mothers Day Event X Evening Sessions

Painting By Nicole Malcolm

I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance...I truly believe that and the more I say it the more it becomes true. We got POWER yall.

The Help for Haiti held at The Living Room on May 1st presented by i2believe was a great success. Hatian American Tirf Alexius, Hugh Grady, Lorian Toth and Joe Jones went to Haiti to document and to aid and assist in the Rebuilding of Haiti. I was honored to be asked to perform at this event. We still have more to do REBATTIE HAITI...REBUILD HAITI. See some of the footage from their trip below...

I am enjoying every minute of the journey. On May 3rd, myself, P1,Lid Law,3tre,Khari Lemuel,Yaw,Mikkey Halsted,Liz Toussaint, Omen and Crucial Conflict performed at The Fiesta Movement @Reggies Rock Club in Chicago for "Talent Everywhere We GO!" Hosted by Derek "Pretty Boy" Dow a film maker and an actor for LAAP NATION and Chris Adams music video director and film director for Impakt Studio. Sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

Chicago music was deep and well represented. As many of you may know $500.00 was on the line. I did make it to the Final 4 out of 12 contestants (as pointed out by my dear friend Sandria "The SoChiLite")however P1 took home the crown. He gave a great performance and people responded.

You can check out my performance below... Thanks to Lady O who actually stayed we got some footage...THANK YOU LADY O!!!!

On May 8th I did the 2nd Annual Mothers Day Affair at The Sherman Field House in Englewood. The event was hosted by F.A.C.E Planners and Perennial Entertainment. It was a fundraiser for a battered womens shelter known as Clara's House.

As of late I have made a real effort to be where I am...that is to say be in the moment. The performance at The Mothers Day Affair was a special one for me because I felt my soul being filled. Filled to a point were my spirit was overwhelmed. I could not control it.

All I remember is me and J.Hill hitting the stage doing our songs and right after my song was done the band just kept jamming. I could feel all the joy well up in my body, I started dancing and vibing I felt so FREE. When I finally walked off stage I was crying. I cant even explain why, the tears just came.

A close friend of mine said it was because there is a great blessing coming...and YOU KNOW I RECEIVE THAT...GOD IS GREAT!

The most wonderful thing about this month is that its not over I have linked up with JUSTFM365.com and become a member of the ensemble that will bring you "Evening Sessions" Evening Sessions is an event created by Just Flo a visual artist as well as an Emcee and an Amazing Vocalist as well as "Media Girl" Uneq'ka.

Evening Sessions shines the light on the Renaissance that is happening around us NOW and explores the history of music through life experiences, music, visual art and skits. "A Journey Into Art and Sound"

The kick off is This Friday May 14th 2010 at The Living Room on 1100 W Cermak.

I am so excited about this I will be making my ACTING DEBUT!!!...WOOOO HOOOO!!!...lol

This is an event immersed in Class and Distinction and I hope to see you there.

Be In The Moment

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Khari Lemuel "Love Has Spoken" Video

This Video Speaks For Itself

"Fill your heart with love let go of hate...focus your mind and concentrate..create yourself and start your life anew...and I guarantee the moment that you do...you'll introduce yourself to you." Khari Lemuel

Chicago Is Rich with talent. Vote for Khari's Video on One Chicago One Nation

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