Solo Vibes Music: Precise - Ladies Love Mixtapes The EP

Solo Vibes Music: Precise - Ladies Love Mixtapes The EP: Chicago rapper Precise created his latest EP for something all the young ladies can relate to. In this current rap climate, some may fe...


J-Roc, Young J.O and Precise – I Wanna Live – Video

Give a $5 Gift to Change a Life

Text 'crushers" to 501501

Artists J-Roc, Young J.O and Precise

Produced by TBird Music

Crushers Club is a Boxing Gym in the heart of the violence ridden community of Englewood in Chicago. The founder Sally Hazelgrove is passionate about changing the circumstance and has enlisted the talent of the young men she works with and the veteran emcee Precise to help raise awareness and funds for this cause of change and uplifting the community. Restoring the path to greatness through Crushers Club. Please Give $5 to change a life.




When I look back over my life experiences I recognize how the pieces fit together as if it were some well constructed puzzle. During my moments of reflection what always amazes me is that when I am in the midst of these experiences I do not recognize how they are shaping me or how they are helping to construct the nature of my journey.
What I have come to understand is that these experiences are neither good nor bad. They are events in our existence that make us who we are. They move us closer to our hopes, our dreams and our destinies.
Qualifying these events diminishes the purpose. We are human and it is not my intention to discount the innate emotions that we feel in moments of great despair and joy; however we must move beyond these emotions and continue to travel with purpose.
Our purpose is to affect this universe in a way that will add to the greatness of this life in this moment and for generations to come.
Do not be discouraged by a misstep, do not be carried away by a victory. We are not defined by these moments.
Our legacy is the definition of our contribution to this life.
Stay Focused, Positive and Productive
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One Download = One Vote - HARD ROCK RISING -Vote For Precise - NEED YOUR VOTE!!!

I need your help. I appreciate all of you who have joined me on this journey thus far. We are still moving upward.
Please download my song "It's On Me". I received an email from Reverbnation last week saying that I was selected to participate in this contest to perform at The Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. HARD ROCK RISING. A FREE DOWNLOAD of my song counts as a vote. PLEASE VOTE/DOWNLOAD and spread the word. I can't do this without you!!! LETS GO!!!
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LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW! – Tis The Season

As I write this I can feel my self breathing and I am grateful. Each breath is a reminder that I am capable of changing my circumstance in this moment. 
During this time of year many of us find ourselves assessing it. We may think about what has gone right, what has gone wrong and what we can do better. Self reflection opens us up to the possibilities of what can be. 
The power of transformation and the ability to be happy rests inside of all of us. We are connected to the universe in a way that will spark change. We have to believe. 
The creator has not given us life in error. We have purpose. We must be bold enough to act on it. Many of us spend too much time focused on the “bad” things. Sometimes we allow negative thoughts to spark an emotion that can leave us stagnant. We have power over these thought. We have dominion. 
I challenge you to love, to project abundance and change your circumstance and the world.
This is my intention going into the new year. I am eliminating fear and doubt and replacing those thoughts with love, good health, prosperity and abundance. 
We have been blessed with these lives to live to the fullest. We should be happy. We should be carefree. We should love. 
Live your life NOW!!
Stay Focused, Positive and Productive
What is your intention for 2014? Please share, leave a comment below.
Listen/Buy “It’s On Me” produced by Tye Hill and D.J. Thunder.


Stony Isle Profile: A Good Way to Get "The Feeling"

Stony Isle Profile: A Good Way to Get "The Feeling": Dope Mixtape series. Track number 22 is the emcee Rkitech feat another Chicago emcee Precise "The Feeling"...Chicago Music!!   ...



I visited Indianapolis for a show and met up with Taj Longino of TWTTV (http://talkwithtaj.com/) We discussed everything from the violence in Chicago, its musical legacy, the importance of good health and the music industry. Please Leave comments and share. http://precise.bandcamp.com/

Rappin around a STRIP POLE!! ...HA!!! GO!!Stopbeefinradio.com LIVE FROM VIP interview w/ Precise (Chicago, IL)

Right after visiting with Taj Longino of TWTTV …I went of to Pure Passion in Indianapolis to speak with James St James of http://stopbeefinradio.com .
Check it out… Let me know what you think.
Buy/Listen to GO!! produced by NSBEATPROZ


City Vanguard Point Of View featuring Precise

Up close and personal conversation/interview with Chicago Emcee Precise.

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Shot and edited by David Weathersby of City Vanguard.