It's On Me by Precise (Video)

I am so excited to be able to present to you the video for "It's On Me" produced by Tyehill and D.J. Thunder of the Produktionix.

I have a goal with the release of this video. I am shooting for One Million Views the first week. I know some of you may think this is impossible, however with GOD and YOUR help ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

I believe music can be the catalyst for change. My hope is that "It's On Me" is an inspiration to others to start moving and affecting change.

My request is that you watch the video click like and leave a comment. I would also be extremely grateful for you to pass it on (share it) to 100 of your email contacts, and ask them to share it with 100 of their contacts. Doing it in this manner will get us One Million views.

When I wrote this song I was going through a transition in my life. I never realized how much this song would become my mantra and allow me to experience who I am.

My children are most important in my life. As I get older and watch the world change before my eyes I recognize the importance of leaving a legacy expressing our culture and making an impact in this life and future lives. S/O To my children Shaheim, Kahlid and Nasir

Much of the artwork that you see throughout the video is the work of two amazing Chicago artists Nicole Malcolm and Just Flo.

Shoutout to Dave Jeff of PHLI for hooking me up with the Hoodie and allowing us to film at his Hyde Park store.

Shoutout to Kmax of CTA radio Whpk 88.5 fm and to YP for gracing me with a cameo.

Shoutout to my manager Redell Drakeford and The Videographer Juan Martinez of LFT, you brothers did an AWESOME job.

Work to build a legacy we are a Mighty and Powerful people. Let Us Show the World what we can do. One Million Views!!

Stay Focused Positive and Productive


ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!! Don't Put it off "It's On You"