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I will be 39 on January 7th. WOW! I feel extremely fortunate to be alive and living life. I have been truly blessed and I thank God for life.

Today has been kinda hard. I feel lonely and unaccomplished. I need to shake this feeling. I'm currently going through a divorce and I find myself in a positon of starting over at the age of 38.

I find myself missing the family unit I was a part of. I tell myself I could have been such a better father and husband. Why did I act the way that I did. I miss seeing my kids everyday. I miss having a wife.

I've been following this dream of being a legitamite hip hop artist for a while now and I can feel the prize right in front of me, but sometimes I feel like my family was sacrificed because of it. I feel like I'm getting to old for this. If I listened to outsiders I would have given up a long time ago

What allows me to stay positive is knowing that God has a plan for me and I have the victory already. Sometimes....sometimes...man.....it gets so hard. So I stay in the word. I keep the affirmations coming, because I am a creator linked directly to the source GOD.

The word is power. This is the reason I am writing this. I was speaking with a friend who posted some extremely personal information about herself online. I mentioned how she was very brave to do that, and how I would be hesitant to open up like that. She said she did it because many people may have experienced what she had and it would help others.

So I am here to say to ALL OF YOU if you feel discouraged, sad, defeated, depresssed that it is only temporary. DON'T GIVE UP!!! DON'T GIVE UP!!! DON'T GIVE UP!!!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive


Habakkuk 2:3 (New International Version)

3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time;
   it speaks of the end
   and will not prove false.
Though it linger, wait for it;
   it[a] will certainly come
   and will not delay


Who Are You?

This industry we call music is quite interesting. So many artists are out here with different goals and different agendas, however I know we are all connected by one common goal and that is to achieve the greatness that all of us are destined for.

A few weeks ago my friend Dj Kmax who hosts CTA radio at whpk.org was interviewing an artist by the name of Young Ghost. Kmax is a great interviewer and in most cases is able to form the type of questions that will allow the listening audience a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of the artist he is interviewing.

As I was listening to the interview it started to sound a lot like the Waka Flaka interview I saw on 106 and Park….. nonsensical and uninformed. My thought is that many artists have lost the ability to communicate honestly with the public and speak in catch phrases to describe absolutely nothing.

Kmax posed many thought provoking questions to no avail and all I learned about Young Ghost was that…..well…I didn’t learn anything about Young Ghost.

In my experience the greatest artists are those who allow you to gain some perspective into who they are beyond the flashing lights. They are able to connect through being human, because ultimately that is the tie that binds.

I mean really…I don’t want to hear how hard you are “grinding” and how often you “get it in” …or how you have “hot 16’s” all the time.

Who are you? What has helped to shape you as an artist? What is your story?

If you are an artist and you are reading this right now, keep in mind that someone is always paying attention. When the “opportunity” is given for you to speak to the World use it wisely, because there are a multitude of artists “getting it in”, but only one YOU, and this is what makes YOU great.

I love how Bilal poses this question on his latest release "Air Tights Revenge" with his song "Who Are You?"

That is such a Great song....Who are YOU?

.....Speaking of Great...Let me take a moment to thank all of the Dj's who have been showing my single GO! so much support. It just got added to thumbplay as a ringtone, and I am so excited about it. Do me a favor....buy the ringtone..you will not be disappointed...Now...GO!


Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



Precise On Urbane News Interviewing Pete Rock and CL Smooth at AKIN Boutique In Chicago

I had so much fun doing this. Pete Rock and CL have not rocked a stage together in 5 years. So This was truly monumental. Shout out to Nexus for bringing me on.


Get Excited!!!!

I am so EXCITED right NOW. The walls are coming down and I can see the prize right in front of me. All I have to do is grab it.

For those of you who do not know me...My name is Precise. I am an emcee/producer/songwriter/blogger/journalist. My mission is to use these God given gifts for the betterment of society and the preservation of this culture called Hip Hop.

Now...back to why I am so EXCITED!!!! I just got added to the roster of QMediaNation blog "Where Independent Media Lives" This is an independent international blog with strong ties to Japanese, European and African markets. This opens up so many doors and gives an independent artist like myself the ability to communicate with the world outside of the confines of the US. I want to say thank you to Falana for considering me for this opportunity. I am extremely grateful and appreciative. Lets Change The World.

.......Another reason I am so EXCITED!! is because of the amazing Growth of Evening Sessions. Evening Sessions "A Journey Into Art and Sound" is a weekly event held a The Living Room in Chicago. Evening Sessions is the brain Child of Just Flo and Uneq'ka two amazingly talented individuals. Just Flo is a visual artist, singer and emcee. Uneq'ka is an amazing songstress, songwriter and musician.

A few months back they asked me to be involved with Evening Sessions as a resident artist. It has been so fulfilling to see how the hard work of Just Flo and Uneq'ka has created such a strong team in JustFm and a viable outlet for Chicago artists. It truly is the place to be. I look forward to it every week. If you are in Chicago or ever come to Chicago this is an event you must attend. The Renaissance Live and In Person. At The Living Room 1100 W Cermak in Chicago, IL. Check The Commercial Below.......

Now....another reason why I'm so EXCITED!! Hennessey Artistry made its stop in Chicago last weekend and it was OFF THE CHAIN!!!! This is the second installment since last year and it is curated by Questlove of The Roots. When I went last year I had a great time met a lot of people and made many connections. This year was no different. I even had the opportunity to grace the red carpet with the Likes of QTip, Erykah Badu, The Roots , BlackThought and DNice. The Roots are an amazing band. Qtip and Black Thought joined forces to do covers of NWA to Main Source and ATCQ classic Electric Relaxation.

While that was happening I went back stage and ran into Erykah Badu right before she surprised Chicago with her presence. She performed a rendition of "The Healer" that is unforgettable. What an AWESOME night.

Hennessey Artistry was a bit more involved this year and included panels that enlisted the services of many Chicago Industry "movers and shakers" Most notably Hustle Simmons . I had the opportunity to be involved with Hustlepalooza last year at SXSW and it is great to see Hustle getting the shine he deserves. Make sure to follow him on twitter....he drops jewels.

Yet another reason to get EXCITED!!! ..... My song GO! produced by NS BEAT PROZ is getting placed EVERYWHERE most recently Dj Kenny Mo and Dj Jenny J's mixtape for Coast2Coast Mixtape Dj's called "Northern Exposure: From The North + East The South + West Volume 1" Soon to be released check the artwork below....

This is only the beginning and I anticipate great things happening. I appreciate those of you who have been on this journey with me thus far, and welcome to those of you who have just joined. WE ARE CHANGING THE WORLD!!!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



A NEW SEASON!!!...Music Update....Life Lesson

Whats up world, it has been a while but I'm BACK. Many people have been asking me how the music is going. To answer the question I am currently working on The Ladies Love Mixtapes mixtape produced by TyeHill of The Pro-Duk-Tio_Nix. My single GO! has been placed on numerous mixtapes and has been generating a great buzz worldwide. Generally the music has been going great. I am extremely appreciative and grateful and expect Great, Marvelous and Amazing things to keep happening.

Evening Sessions has been AWESOME!! Just Flo and Uneq'ka have created a historic event and it truly is a Journey Into Art and Sound. Seriously...if you have not been to The Living Room to experience Evening Sessions you are missing out on a great event, and I am so proud to be a part of this.

After Evening Sessions last Friday...I went to a sunrise service of 63rd St beach with SoChiLiteTimes and The New Life Covenant Church. Being on the beach at 5 in the morning praising God and praying was powerful. Interestingly enough after it was over I felt like I had entered a New Season of Health, Wealth and Prosperity. I felt NEW!

.....Then the next day I get some served with some documents that totally deflated how I was feeling. I spent the entire day trying to fight any negative feelings of sadness, anger and jealousy that was trying to consume me.

One thing I am realizing is that I have to understand that nothing can keep me from my blessing. Nothing and no one will keep me from my family and in all truth ONLY GOD runs this and no matter what I Know THE BEST is on the horizon.

When I first started this blog...my focus was on creating an atmosphere that would maximize the blessings that would feed my spirit and allow me to be a true co-creator. I got away from that, and I recognize the difference. I must always remember that we have control over our experience. The words we choose and remembering that the past is in the past and that NOW is important time...because we create NOW!!

I can't front, I could feel myself feeling depressed and wanting an opportunity to change what I messed up. The frustration builds knowing that we cant go back and change anything. This is why NOW is so important.The action we take NOW affect our lives.

I find myself thinking about being in love and I miss that feeling. I miss the feeling of knowing someone cares about me and has my back, or the butterflies whenever I am around that person,knowing that we will build something AWESOME together. I want that feeling back....the only way it can happen is to Love myself first NOW!

I know I have been all over the place with this blog, but I really want those of you who take the time to read this blog to know that you are not alone. We all have these feelings of doubt and despair. However...we don't have to and should not live in that space.

Be grateful...be appreciative know that THE BEST IS HERE NOW! Adjust your thinking because you can...feed yourself with positive words..surround yourself with those who really care about you. KNOW that you have the POWER to change your circumstance.

It is A NEW SEASON!!! Our GREATNESS is realized NOW!!!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive.


Hebrews 10:35
35 So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.

<a href="http://precise.bandcamp.com/track/its-on-me">It's On Me by Precise</a>


Saturday Night Pheature

I have had the pleasure of performing at Saturday Night Pheature a few times and its a great experience. I had one of my breakthrough moments at Pheature. Phenomenal 1 (P1) has a great vision and consistently supports Chicago talent from all walks. Come AUGUST 28th at The Music Lounge.


Precise on Dj456 Mixtape out of The UK..."Represent No Question"

The momentum is building. Dj456 out of the UK has just released a mixtape called "Represent No Question" including the song "Nature" featuring (me) Precise produced by UK producer Risk Beats. Its a great song speaking to the power nature has over us and how all of us should just breathe and become one with the power that is in all of us.

Download the mixtape Here


Black Fist Radio Top 40-WRFL 88.1 University Of Kentucky

Shout Out To Black Fist Radio ....Go! is climbing the charts. WORD!

Black Fist Radio Top 40-WRFL 88.1 University Of Kentucky

Chart Postion Artist Title Label
1 D-Sisive West Coast (Remix) feat. Moka Only URBNET Records
2 Rah Digga This Ain't No Lil' Kid Rap Raw Koncept/Traffic Entertainment Group
3 Moe Pope Rock Me II Brick Records
4 MED Classic feat. Talib Kweli Stones Throw Records
5 Blacastan Anything Less Brick Records
6 Rakaa Delilah Decon
7 Ill Bill, Skam2? & Raekwon Thousand M's Uncle Howie
8 Pigeon Hole Light Show feat. D-Sisive URBNET Records
9 Verbal Kent Examples feat. Lance Ambu Bare Vs. Dear
10 Spectac & Amiri Mass Effect HiPNOTT Records
11 The Heart & Brain To Love To Miss feat. Wordsworth & Illustrate Doxside Music Group/Domination Recordings
12 Apollo The Great Call It Quits Wunda
13 Roc 'C' Turn It Up feat. Illa J Stones Throw Records
14 Canibus Golden Terra Of Rap iM Culture/Interdependent Media
15 John Robinson & Lewis Parker International Summers Project Mooncircle
16 L.I.F.E. Long & Black Sparx Veteran feat. DJ JS-1 Domination Recordings
17 Ras Kass feat. DJ Rhettmatic Goldyn Chyld II Re-Up Entertainment
18 Everliven Sound (Cymarshall Law & Skit Slam) Elements feat. El Da Sensei HiPNOTT/Freedom Entertainment
19 LMNO & Mr. Brady Both Sides Spin Up Above Records
20 E Reece Fly Hi Elevated Mental/HiPNOTT
21 ESQ & Chikaramanga My Intellect Tres Records
22 Precise Go! Take Axshun
23 The Strangerz Trouble Domination Recordings
24 Chikaramanga Trill feat. Co$$ Tres Records
25 Trek Life So Supreme Mello Music Group
26 Shawn Jackson Lil' Big Man Tres Records
27 Frank Nitt Go Girl Delicious Vinyl
28 2 Hungry Bros. Stupid Face feat. 8thW1 Domination Recordings
29 Vinnie Paz Keep Movin' On feat. Shara Worden Enemy Soil
30 TRUTHLiVE Ready Set Go feat. Moe Green iM Culture/Interdependent Media
31 Chaundon Y'all Don't Want It feat. Carlitta Durand HOJ
32 Gotham Green & Quickie Mart Game Change feat. Planet Asia Super Mart Produce
33 Nutso So Tired Poor Pocket Muzik
34 Biko Sunday (A Song For Canon) Cotter Records
35 Al Mighty Good Evening White Label
36 Jermiside & Danny Diggs Still With Me HiPNOTT Records
37 Freddie Gibbs National Anthem Decon
38 The RZA Dreamin' feat. Kinetic 9 Wu-Music Group
39 The Dark Monk Real Terror feat. Mobonix XIL Records
40 Hezekiah Fired Up! Feat. Talib Kweli & Bahamadia


Acknowledge The Blessing

AK of Do or Die and Precise

The blessings of God are real and true and present themselves to us everyday. My life is changing right now and I see this clearly. Knowing that I have the ability to do any task I set my mind to do with ease and comfort gives me the fuel to continue. Our connection to God makes anything possible. Words activate the connection…the right words activate the connection.

Look right then scroll up------------>

Thats my NEW RINGTONE for GO! I am so excited about this. After you purchase for 99cents it forward it to your people.

Check me out On May 27th I was part of a great Chicago gathering "The RoundTable Cypher" on The LadyO Show. This was so much fun. Chicago's elite emcees came together for this Mikkey Halsted, Marvo, Lid Law, Phil G, Precise and a host of other came together for May Maddness to exchange some bars and promote Chicago unity. SpokenFree Entertainment is really doing great work for the city. I am very grateful for them. Check the footage below.

Precise, Mikey Streetz and D Meeks from TUV Media on Vimeo.

Evening Sessions took a break in June but we are more than excited for the Relaunch on July 2, 2010 at The Living Room 1100 W Cermak. I cant say enough about this experience. Evening Sessions is the opportunity to be a part of the renaissance that is going on NOW! The last production was NEXT LEVEL. The next production will be MONUMENTAL!

Introducing Uneq'ka of JustFm Entertainment....One of the Great Talents of Evening Sessions


See you on July 2, 2010 at The Living Room for Evening Sessions.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



Evening Sessions ..Starring Uneq'ka, JustFlo and Precise JustFm365

JUSTFM365 is extending to you a personal invite to Evening Sessions. This Friday and Every Friday at the elegant Living Room Lounge at 1100 W. Cermak in Chicago. (Cermak and Carpenter)

Evening Sessions is A Journey Into Art and Sound. This Friday and every Friday at the elegant and upscale Living Room Lounge JUSTFM365 would like to invite you to experience The Renaissance of Chicago Culture live and in person.

Help resurrect the Englewood Multicultural Center (The E.M.C.)

A portion of your $10 donation will help to restore The E.M.C

Come Out...This Friday and Every Friday and enjoy the Live Music, Visual Art, Food and Drinks and become immersed in culture.

Stimulate Your Senses With The Arts at Evening Sessions.

Here is what you can expect

More from...




Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



High School Students Reaction To "It's On Me"

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who works at a Chicago Public School played my song "It's On Me" for her students. She asked for them to explain what they got from the song. Their responses are listed below.

The students really enjoyed hearing your song. I was shocked at some the responses that I received.

1. No matter what I come across its up to me to overcome.

2. I cant blame anything on anyone else its all up to me.

3. I cant blame my mother for me not doing well in school.

4. When we go outside its up to us to change. We are killing each other. We cant blame anyone but ourselves.

5. When I wait til the last minute to do my work and I dont get the grade I should I cant blame anyone but myself.

6. We cant blame anyone for our struggle or situation. We are the only ones that can make it better. Things will never be fixed waiting on someone else "It's on me"

7. I need a plan because my future depends on me.

8. We cant blame our parents or the generation before us for what we are living through. We have to gain control of our own destiny. My future is on me.

9. Everything I go through is because my parents are messed up. This song gives me hope that someone out there cares. If everyone have this attitude then maybe life wouldn't be so bad.

I am truly humbled by this. You never know who is listening and what type of message they get from the music. This is encouraging. We can make a difference.

Stay Foucsed, Positive and Productive



May Dayz...Help For Haiti X Fiesta Movement X 2Annual Mothers Day Event X Evening Sessions

Painting By Nicole Malcolm

I am connected to an unlimited source of abundance...I truly believe that and the more I say it the more it becomes true. We got POWER yall.

The Help for Haiti held at The Living Room on May 1st presented by i2believe was a great success. Hatian American Tirf Alexius, Hugh Grady, Lorian Toth and Joe Jones went to Haiti to document and to aid and assist in the Rebuilding of Haiti. I was honored to be asked to perform at this event. We still have more to do REBATTIE HAITI...REBUILD HAITI. See some of the footage from their trip below...

I am enjoying every minute of the journey. On May 3rd, myself, P1,Lid Law,3tre,Khari Lemuel,Yaw,Mikkey Halsted,Liz Toussaint, Omen and Crucial Conflict performed at The Fiesta Movement @Reggies Rock Club in Chicago for "Talent Everywhere We GO!" Hosted by Derek "Pretty Boy" Dow a film maker and an actor for LAAP NATION and Chris Adams music video director and film director for Impakt Studio. Sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

Chicago music was deep and well represented. As many of you may know $500.00 was on the line. I did make it to the Final 4 out of 12 contestants (as pointed out by my dear friend Sandria "The SoChiLite")however P1 took home the crown. He gave a great performance and people responded.

You can check out my performance below... Thanks to Lady O who actually stayed we got some footage...THANK YOU LADY O!!!!

On May 8th I did the 2nd Annual Mothers Day Affair at The Sherman Field House in Englewood. The event was hosted by F.A.C.E Planners and Perennial Entertainment. It was a fundraiser for a battered womens shelter known as Clara's House.

As of late I have made a real effort to be where I am...that is to say be in the moment. The performance at The Mothers Day Affair was a special one for me because I felt my soul being filled. Filled to a point were my spirit was overwhelmed. I could not control it.

All I remember is me and J.Hill hitting the stage doing our songs and right after my song was done the band just kept jamming. I could feel all the joy well up in my body, I started dancing and vibing I felt so FREE. When I finally walked off stage I was crying. I cant even explain why, the tears just came.

A close friend of mine said it was because there is a great blessing coming...and YOU KNOW I RECEIVE THAT...GOD IS GREAT!

The most wonderful thing about this month is that its not over I have linked up with JUSTFM365.com and become a member of the ensemble that will bring you "Evening Sessions" Evening Sessions is an event created by Just Flo a visual artist as well as an Emcee and an Amazing Vocalist as well as "Media Girl" Uneq'ka.

Evening Sessions shines the light on the Renaissance that is happening around us NOW and explores the history of music through life experiences, music, visual art and skits. "A Journey Into Art and Sound"

The kick off is This Friday May 14th 2010 at The Living Room on 1100 W Cermak.

I am so excited about this I will be making my ACTING DEBUT!!!...WOOOO HOOOO!!!...lol

This is an event immersed in Class and Distinction and I hope to see you there.

Be In The Moment

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive




Khari Lemuel "Love Has Spoken" Video

This Video Speaks For Itself

"Fill your heart with love let go of hate...focus your mind and concentrate..create yourself and start your life anew...and I guarantee the moment that you do...you'll introduce yourself to you." Khari Lemuel

Chicago Is Rich with talent. Vote for Khari's Video on One Chicago One Nation

Stay Focused Positive and Productive.



FREE SHOW MAY 3, 2010 @REGGIES ROCK CLUB IN CHICAGO..COME CHEER ON PRECISE.. Sponsored By Ford Fiesta.. "A Cut Above The Rest"


Fresh off the Track-Off Victory of his song It's On Me produced by tyehill and d.j. thunder of The Produktionix on Kyra Kyles TheKylesFiles and his mention on WGN TV Channel 9 in Chicago,Precise is riding a wave of Victory because of YOU! We are so grateful and appreciative.

On May 3, 2010 Precise will be performing in the competition "A Cut Above The Rest" sponsored by Ford Fiesta at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago. THIS IS A FREE SHOW.....all you have to do is RSVP --------> Here

We are requesting your presence at this event not only to see a great show but to come out and help Precise maintain his seat in the winners circle. Precise will be competing against eleven other artists for a 500.00 dollar prize. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

This will prove to be a Great Night for Hip Hop, specifically in Chicago as we continue to work towards Unity and Peace.

I will be following up with you through out the week as a reminder. I really hope to see you there rooting for Precise and Chicago Hip Hop.

Once Again THIS IS A FREE SHOW.....all you have to do is RSVP --------> Here

See You May 3, 2010 @ Reggies Rock Club 2109 S State St. Chicago , IL


Eddy Lamarre


April Showers.....Blessings

Precise In The RedEye

LET IT RAIN!!....Blessings.

I got an inspiration from a close friend to work on a Vision board a few weeks ago. It seemed like a good time to do this because I have been planning to do one for a while now. The time felt right. So I was given a poster-board and I went out a purchased another one cause I have a BIG VISION...lol..and Im going to get two more poster-boards...HA HA!!

I got a few magazines and went to work.>>>>>>> FAST FORWARD

A few days ago...I won a competition called "The Track Off" check the previous blog. It was such an awesome victory, not only because I won but because it helped me to see that people are truly supporting me and I appreciate it a great deal.

The prize for the winner of The Track Off was a mention in the RedEye Newspaper.

I get a call from a friend of mine early Thursday morning trying to tell me something but the connection was so bad that they decided to text me. I get the text and its says "Saw U In The Red Eye!!" I immediately jump out of bed hop in the car and go to the nearest place that had the paper. I grabbed a handful. As soon as I got to the car I frantically flipped through the pages just to see my picture posted PROMINENTLY on page 35. I was overwhelmed. As exciting as it was to win it was even more exciting to see Precise in the paper.

I have never met Kyra Kyles outside of twitter and we never even discussed the song, however the way she described it was perfect and is exactly what and how I wished to convey the message of the song "It's On Me"

And I Quote....

It's On Me

"Armed with an arresting instrumental and a strong message about community responsibility, Precise earned a decisive track-off victory in the rap leg of the competition. "Its On Me", avoids being preachy, while offering street intel and advice through clever analogies and a crafty call and response approach. Precise flows in perfect cadence over an instrumental that sounds like it traveled here from the 90's and you'll be glad you made the trip." Kyra Kyles RedEye

...and then.....I get a twit saying that I was mentioned on WGN news...Channel 9 in Chicago..... see it @about 1:20 mark

WOW!!!!!...The most amazing part of this is that I did not send in a photo for the paper or television it was chosen and the greatest part of that is that it was the picture I posted to my Vision Board just a few weeks before..

My Vision Board..well... one of them

The Power Of Intention is REAL...and this is only the beginning. We truly are connected to an unlimited source of abundance. We have to feed ourselves positive words and know and believe them. GOD IS GREAT.

I was so excited I had to wait a few days to write this blog...HA HA...I WAS ON 10 and I still am...kinda. This is only the beginning and I am so happy and grateful that all of you are making this journey with me.

I have a few shows coming up this month and continue to meet new and interesting people. Everybody is showing up at the right time and place and I do not take it for granted.

A Shower of Blessings rain down on all of us consistently. Take some time out and go singing in the rain...well at least run through the sprinkler.

I believe MY GOOD is HERE NOW!!!...Everything is possible when we believe.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



The Track-Off WE WON!!!! X Saturday Night Pheature X Lid Law "Telephony" Video

I was so amped when I found out that my song 'It's On Me" was going against Ill Legits song "Too Familiar" on Kyra Kyles of The Red Eye well respected blog thekylesfiles . I immediatley sent out an email to all of you and you responded ... Guess What... WE WON!!!! YESSSS!!!!

The winner gets a mention in The Chicago News Magazine "The Red Eye" and a possible appearance on WGN. I want to thank all of you for taking out the time to vote for me. It means so much. I am very grateful you are making this journey with me.

Shouts out To P1 for another successful "Saturday Night Pheature". AML Records and Pink Fusion collaborated and put together a GREAT event. I even did an impromptu performance. It was a dope night. Check the pics -------> Here

The homie Lid Law was the headliner at Saturday Night Pheature he did a great set and one of my favorites from him "Telephony"..Producedby tyehill and d.j. thunder of The Pro-Duk-Tio-Nix..consequently the video dropped this week...Check It Out....

Telephony by Lid Law the "Jrunk Unk" from Floyd Webb on Vimeo.


New Song S.O.U.L "Saving Our Unique Legacy" ...featuring Precise produced By Emilio Bucks

S.O.U.L "Saving Our Unique Legacy" is a song that addresses the senseless violence that has been plaguing Chicago recently. The song is the brainchild of Chicago Natives Hassahn Phenomenon and Emilio Bucks and features teenage R&B sensation Mariah Duncan, Spud, Precise, Black I, Hassahn Phenomenon, S.I.N Extraodinaire, DV8, Headline and Brando Star

The song was produced by Emilio Bucks and will be the soundtrack of the book entitled "Lost Soul" written by Dr. Marsan Champion ...Here is the link to the song--------> S.O.U.L

In this specific time in history where it may appear as though the worst things are affecting many around the globe, we have to know that each of us individually and collectively can make a change...We can "Save Our Unique Legacy".

Official Press Release

Please Forward To Family and Friends... We Can Change The World!!


SXSW 2010 Precise @ The Light Bar Hustle Palooza ....and..NOSAS With Saul Williams and Precise March 27 @ The Kinetic Playground

SXSW 2010 was BANANAS!!!! Music was Everywhere. This was my first trip to SXSW. Everyone I asked about it told me if I had never been there before that it would be overwhelming.....They were right.

My initial excitement from this trip was because I got booked for Hustle Palooza. Shout Out to Hustle Simmons.....A week before we went down to Austin me and Dj Kmax mapped out our itinerary... the shows we were going to see and the parties we were going to and most importantly who was serving free drinks and food.... HA HA...we found em.

We hit the Fader Fort in Austin with Pugs Atomz and Simeon of The Prime Meridian we get our badges (the badges allowed us to come back and forth to The Fader Fort and drink free Southern Comfort(SOCO) and Budwiser)...we went back many times...lol..Not to mention the fact that The Fader Fort is where most of the major performances are held.

....Anyway we get our badges and hit the infamous 6th street. Austin really has an off beat vibe...the slogan is "Keep Austin Weird". For all intensive purposes its kinda weird. An Austin local told me Austin is considered weird because they are a Liberal State in the midst of Conservative Texas.

...6th street is where many of the bars are and most bands perform along this strip. When I say music is everywhere....I mean it is everywhere. Walking down the street is like jumping in and out of dimensions every five steps. You hear everything from Country Western to Hip Hop and you gravitate towards what you like. If you are really in tune it will take you a while just to get down one block.

The fact that the performances are live is really what makes this trip worth your while. You really get to see great performances. A few of my favorites were Cubic Zirconia, Dam Funk, Kid Sister, Ayah, Mic Terror and the DJ Set with Stones Throw.

I wanna take the time a tell you everything that happened, but over the course of four days I would be writing a book...so I will provide my top 5 SXSW Moments

#5. Hearing Cubic Zirconia Live for The first time.
#4. Watching Kid Sister and Blah Blah Blah perform and rep Chicago.
#3. Walking to Whole Foods with Nneka
#2. Getting a hug from Jean Grae....WOOOOO!!!...lol
#1. Ripping the stage at Hustle Palooza.

God is so GREAT...and this trip has cemented the fact that I am moving in the right direction. Follow your dream and you will fulfill your purpose. The movement is growing.....Check The performance at The Light Bar below......

Precise live at Hustlepalooza, SxSW 2010 from Sindre Rønningen on Vimeo.

See Precise and Saul Williams Saturday March 27th At The Kinetic Playground 1113 W Lawrence Chicago, IL... buy tickets here


March IS ON!!!

I can feel the universe lining up. So much has been happening. God has given us the gift of faith and the universe is available to all of us. I know this.

March has been and will continue to be a busy month for me."Saturday Night Pheature" with P1 at the Music Lounge in Logan Square kicked the month off. It was a great show and I felt myself go into a zone. I was truly in the moment, and it felt surreal.

**Praise Break**...The night of the "Saturday Night Pheature" I was driving down the Kennedy and heard something pop by my left tire and it started to shake vigorously. I told myself I would go do the show and drive home as carefully as possible. Nothing was going to stop me. I make it to the show and home safely. Sooooooo....I took my car to the mechanic and he looks at me and says.. "I'm surprised your breaks didn't go out"...My calibrator (whatever that is) was off and could have broken at any moment leaving me without breaks...but it didn't break. It should have but it didn't. God is AMAZING...and is truly a refuge for all of us! THANK YOU THANK YOU...I am so GRATEFUL!!!.....

Ok...Back to March...its a busy month so far...Im headed to Austin Texas for South By Southwest..(SXSW). Its one of the largest music festivals every year and I got booked for a show On March 20 @ The LightBar...I am so excited....

When I return from Austin...I will be performing at "A Night Of Sight and Sound" with Saul Williams, Lethal Poetry, Malik Yusef and Aja Monet at The Kinetic Playground..partial proceeds will go to Rock For Kids

The movement is GROWING and PROSPERING....My Album "It's On Me" is coming soon...MARCH ON!!!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



Rebattie Haiti...A SUCCESS!

....OK.. its eight o'clock and my nerves are getting to me. I am searching for a place in my mind that is peaceful and does not allow me to worry. I try to find a corner in the BVIC(Bronzeville Visitors Information Center)to gather my thoughts. However no matter where I go somebody seems to find me.

I take the elevator downstairs and meet up with Charles one of the individuals who helped to plan this event. We begin to talk about FAVOR....ahhhh...FAVOR...my favorite word. Just what I needed to hear. At That moment I knew everything would be fine.

I spoke to Misrak of Organic Funk Productions and after speaking with her my nerves started to settle.

God is so AMAZING!!. People started coming in and any element of worry I had soon dissipated. My sister Joelle Lamarre opened the event with some background on our organization The Haitian Advancement Foundation.

Lid Law, P1 and J. Hill gave some amazing performances.My mother made some great food, my friend Victor Moore and his wife Briana kept the libation flowing and Dj Kmax played some great music. The vibe was positive and we almost made our goal of $1000.00. REBATTIE HAITI...REBUILD HAITI was a SUCCESS.

It feels wonderful to know how successful this event was, but let us not forget we have so much more work to do.

Haiti needs us more and more each day. HAF is dedicated to the economic development of Haiti through education. We understand that it is the responsibility and right of The Haitian people to make these changes on their own terms. HAF is here to assist.

As we grow we will continue to reach out to all of you and our hope is that you understand our motivation and help us to preserve and grow Haiti's rich culture.

Thank you to all who have supported and continue to support HAF and Rebbatie Haiti Rebuild Haiti.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive




... A Month Later.....Rebattie Haiti...Rebuild Haiti...Feb 20th With Precise

It has been one month since the tragic earthquake that decimated Haiti happened. The news coverage has slowed down and it is no longer a number one trending topic on twitter. However the effort to Rebuild Haiti is very much alive and well, and I am humbly asking that you join in our efforts.

As many as One Million people are homeless, children are being displaced and a countless number have lost their lives.Our assistance and aid is needed NOW more than ever.

On February 20, 2010 at the Bronzeville Visitors Information Center on 411 E 35th St in Chicago from 8pm to 1am, The Haitian Advancement Foundation in conjunction with Organic Funk Productions and The Haitian Jane Project presents Rebattie Haiti....Rebuild Haiti a fundraiser for Haitian Relief. Performances By Precise, P1, Lid Law and J. Hill with Music By Dj Kmax and The Collards.

The purpose of this event is to raise money for the schools that have crumbled in the wake of such a major disaster.We also want to raise the awareness of Haiti's rich history.

Our Goal is to raise $1000 in this ongoing effort to Rebuild Haiti.

I hope you are able to make it out. If you are not able to make it, all that I ask is that you forward this email to at least 100 of your contacts in order to make them aware of a way that they can help reshape the world.

With your help or goal is more than attainable and it moves us one step closer to Rebuilding Haiti! REBATTIE HAITI!!!


Rebattie Haiti...Rebuild Haiti...Feb 20th With Precise

This Fundraiser is for The Haitian Educational Foundation. We are helping to rebuild schools in Haiti. I would love to see you Feb 20th, 2010 @ The Bronzeville Visitors Information Center 8pm to 1am . There is a $10 donation $15 with food. I look forward to seeing you.


The L.A. Experience

Akon and Precise

To be honest everything that happened I expected to happen. I was not sure how or when it would happen, I just knew it would.

My faith is growing more and more everyday. My trip to L.A. has served as a confirmation that anything can happen and will happen if you just believe.

A goal of mine for the last few years has been to get to the Grammys in any capacity. I would like to be nominated but what I understand now more than ever is that one has to be where the action is. It makes sense for any Artist to be in the city of Arts and Entertainment.

My plan was real simple...pass out cards meet people.

My adventure starts in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. One thing I can say about Rodeo Drive is that it truly inspires a person to Get Money. The Ralph Lauren store was my favorite.

After visiting a few stores me and my lady decide to get something to eat. We go to Panini Cafe. As we walk in I immediately recognize a group of black people sitting at a table.....uhhhh..WE STAND OUT in Beverly Hills...lol.

Ultimately I go over and introduce myself to the table of people who look like me just to find out one of them is Anthony Hamilton....three time Grammy Nominee... Anthony Hamilton. He was extremely humble and approachable. We exchanged information and my trip was officially ON!

So then.....we head over to the W Hotel on Hollywood and Vine for a luncheon where Questlove from The Roots was the Dj. It was a real cool vibe. I link up with Dj Kmax of CTA Radio and I took some time out to chat with Phonte and Yazarah of Foreign Exchange. Foreign Exchange's song "Daykeeper" was nominated for a Grammy. It's a pretty amazing accomplishment considering that Nicolay and Phonte met online and they are for all intensive purposes an independent group.

****FLASHBACK****..A few days before I got to L.A. I was speaking with a friend of mine about some tracks I just got and how I wanted Mos Def to sing the hook on one of them. My friend then told me that its not a matter of me wanting it its a matter of me asking. Mos Def and MF Doom were scheduled to do a show in Chicago the weekend I would be in LA, so I asked my friend to get Mos Def's info for me. <------ ****Remember This****.

Ok back to L.A......So many parties are going on... Hassahn Phenomenon a Chicago artist who has been in L.A. for the past ten years scooped me up and we meet up with Dj Kmax at The Roots Jam Session at the Key Club on Sunset. The funny thing about L.A. is you really have no idea who you are going to run into. For instance as we walk in I turn around and I see "Frazier" ...lol...I mean Kelsey Grammer standing behind me...then I turn right and George Lopez is standing next to me.. and yes I GIVE THEM MY CARD.

Anyway.... as I walk into the Artist Lounge I meet and greet everybody from Estelle to John Legend to Slash from Guns and Roses.

It starts getting a bit crowded on the inside so I decide to go outside and mingle a bit. I meet a few artists from around the globe and I am getting more and more excited about these new connections. At that moment I start thinking about the Mos Def/MF Doom show that was going on in the Chi and I was wondering if my friend was going to be able to get Mos Def's info.....no sooner than I have this thought.. I look up and Mos Def is standing right in front of me....WOW...Of course I seize the opportunity..I let him know about the song I wanted him to be on and we exchanged information.

For some reason the show did not happen in Chicago and ultimately it was to my benefit because I am one step closer to doing a song with one of my favorite artists.

I actually could go on and on about the experiences I had on this trip but I would be typing for a while...for real.

Overall this experience was Re-Energizing, Eye-Opening and Inspirational.

I look forward to what the Future holds having faith and trust that the best is RIGHT HERE!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive


....Ohhh Yeah Bel Air is OFF THE CHAIN!!!!


The Chicago Haitian Initiative Present Haiti Benefit Concert

Help Haiti!!..Come out and support. January 25, 2010...Some Of Chicagos Best are set to lend their skills for this effort. J.Ivy, GLC, Phenom, Kinky Notti, Juice, Mikkey Halsted, Khari Lemuel, Yaw and Precise.

I Look forward to seeing you there.



I will be doing a series of events with respect to the devestation that has happned in Haiti. This one is Feb, 20, 2010. This will be for the Haitian Education Fund, in order to help rebuild schools in Haiti. Please Support.


Haiti Through The Eyes of A Haitian American

In light of the recent tragedy that has taken place in Haiti, I can't help but think about all the lives that have been lost and the numerous families that have been affected. We live in a world were information travels at such a rapid pace and is forgotten just as fast. What does this tragedy mean to Haitians? What does this mean to Americans? How will this affect the world?

I pray this is not is not dismissed as the latest "trending topic" on twitter where there is a swell of concern until the next tragedy happens. The time to act is NOW!

I was so happy to hear that all of my immediate family was safe. However there are still many people missing and lost in the rubble. It is estimated that thousands have lost their lives. My hope is that those lives have not been lost in vain.

Haiti has a rich history, however if your information on Haiti has come through the American or Worldwide media I am very sure you have no idea how rich this history is.

The Haitian Revolution is the only SUCCESSFUL slave revolt in history and established the first republic ruled by black people. In my opinion this is why Haiti has suffered so within the past two centuries. In a world dominated by white supremacy the idea of a black republic ruled by former slaves could not sit well with the more prominent ruling class.

So as a result they paint a picture of Haitian being poor, illiterate and incompetent. That picture is the furthest from the truth. Haitians not only led the revolt in Haiti but also helped to free the Americas and represented a beacon of hope to those enslaved in America during that time. However so many of us do not know this and if we do know this we ignore it, or don't know the significance.

Well this recent tragedy can't be ignored. Haiti has to be set right before anything good can happen on this side of the world. God has spoken.

I expect America and the world to STAND UP and help Haiti. America can no longer turn a blind eye to Haitian suffering and at the same time Haiti must maintain it's autonomy.

"L'Union Fait La Force" translated "Unity Makes Strength" you see this saying on the Haitian Flag and it means more now than ever. This saying applies to the Diaspora and not just the Haitian people. Its time to get UNITED and BUILD!!

In the near future I will be holding a series of events to assist in the rebuilding Haiti. I know they will be successful and its the least I can do. I will be reaching out to many of you and I truly hope that you are able to donate time and or money toward the cause of making the world better.

If you are looking to make a donation now.....Please text "YELE" to 501501. It will charge your phone $5 to donate 2 the Haiti Earthquake relief, headed by Wyclef Jean. Please HELP. You can also hit Yele

Baby By Me (Obama Welfare Edition) Official Video

Shout to Derek "Pretty Boy" Dow of Lapnation...Phenomenal 1 and Mike Runnels..This video is dope and funny. I make a Cameo at about 2:54. Im glad they invited me out for this. It was so much fun.


NEW SADE!!!!! Soilder Of Love Video

If you know me then you know how much of a Sade fan I am.I amreally excited about her new album coming out in February 8th 2010.


Some Art Work....Free Download

<a href="http://precise.bandcamp.com/track/its-on-me">It's On Me by Precise</a>

Took this pic at the Inauguration last year.....just a reminder to all of us to Stay Focused, Positive and Productive.


Precise @ US Beer Company Dec 19th 2009

This was the Best of Both Worlds Showcase on Dec, 19th, 2009 Presented by Marcus Chavers of MJC Entertainment. It was a great close out show for the year and 2010 is going to be even better. Shout out to Diggler Films for the footage and to Phenomenal 1for a great performance. We should be seeing some footage from him soon. Stay Focused, Positive and Productive. It's On You.

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