Who Are You?

This industry we call music is quite interesting. So many artists are out here with different goals and different agendas, however I know we are all connected by one common goal and that is to achieve the greatness that all of us are destined for.

A few weeks ago my friend Dj Kmax who hosts CTA radio at whpk.org was interviewing an artist by the name of Young Ghost. Kmax is a great interviewer and in most cases is able to form the type of questions that will allow the listening audience a glimpse into the lives and thoughts of the artist he is interviewing.

As I was listening to the interview it started to sound a lot like the Waka Flaka interview I saw on 106 and Park….. nonsensical and uninformed. My thought is that many artists have lost the ability to communicate honestly with the public and speak in catch phrases to describe absolutely nothing.

Kmax posed many thought provoking questions to no avail and all I learned about Young Ghost was that…..well…I didn’t learn anything about Young Ghost.

In my experience the greatest artists are those who allow you to gain some perspective into who they are beyond the flashing lights. They are able to connect through being human, because ultimately that is the tie that binds.

I mean really…I don’t want to hear how hard you are “grinding” and how often you “get it in” …or how you have “hot 16’s” all the time.

Who are you? What has helped to shape you as an artist? What is your story?

If you are an artist and you are reading this right now, keep in mind that someone is always paying attention. When the “opportunity” is given for you to speak to the World use it wisely, because there are a multitude of artists “getting it in”, but only one YOU, and this is what makes YOU great.

I love how Bilal poses this question on his latest release "Air Tights Revenge" with his song "Who Are You?"

That is such a Great song....Who are YOU?

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Stay Focused, Positive and Productive