Good Morning World! The time is NOW! We make deliberate choices to be the best we were created to be. Our ancestors are with us on this wondrous journey. We are grateful and appreciative. In this moment we are creating greatness. We move with the expectation that the best will always happen. Inside of our souls is the spirit of love, power and sound minds. The light of the world is us. God is Awesome and so are YOU!!




“Good Afternoon World!! We trust in the creator with all of our heart. Today is a day of shifting. We eliminate what is not good for us and surround ourselves with positive and uplifting situations and people. We have no need to worry. When we make the choices that add to our blessing only the best can and will happen. We are strong and determined. We have the ability to accomplish anything. We are protected and nothing can harm us. We are children of the King and our ancestors are with us. God is AWESOME AND SO ARE YOU!!!! -Precise”


Today...Fast Day

Good Morning World!! Today is fast day. You can join me if you like. We fast from NOW till 5pm. We are grateful and appreciative. No matter what the obstacle is we are able to surmount it and continue to move toward our greatness. We look forward to the future in this moment understanding that our blessing are always with us. All things are possible for those who Love the creator and are called according to his purpose. We move with a boldness that illuminates our bodies. We are light. We do not fear. God is AWESOME and so are YOU!! -Precise


The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point

**NO SPOILER ALERT!!!** So today I watching Breaking Bad the show with the father from Malcolm in the Middle where a chemistry teacher turns drug lord. It’s an AWESOME SHOW. So I m getting into this particular episode and every scene is more intense than the other. I am immersed. I am one with the visual. Then BOOM! One of the most horrible and despicable things happens to one of the characters. I find myself stuck…..thinking. How could they do such a thing? What is going to happen now? Will they get caught? How is this going to end? My mind has been captured by this series of events I’m watching and I develop concern and pay attention to it. Then it hits me…this is a television show.

The sum of our lives is made up of experiences that trigger emotions that trigger other experiences that cause reactions and develop into life events and memories.

We experience these events through our senses. Our senses make it real.

I chuckled when I realized that I allowed myself to be sucked into this imaginary world riddling my mind with thoughts of how this show affected my emotion and especially my vibration.

In this moment I recognized how important it is for me to be aware and in control of my emotion. I mean seriously….I have to develop my own experience and reach the goals I have set for myself. GREATNESS IS HERE!

Media is a powerful tool. My mind is more powerful.

Television programing is exactly what it says it is. Hiding in plain view.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive.




Good Morning World!!! We are more than conquerors. We have the ability to accomplish anything we set our minds to do with ease and comfort. We have no fear. Our intention is to affect the world in a positive way and be an example of what it means to be connected to the creator. We are creative. Our intelligence is infinite. The gifts that we have been given are blessings we share with the world. We are greatness. We seek the kingdom first. God is Awesome and so are YOU!!



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Good Morning World!! Today we reposition our thoughts. We eliminate any thought of lack or doubt. We fill our minds with greatness and prosperity. We are blessed beyond measure. We know that our connection to the creator is powerful. This connection makes all things possible. We have no fear. Nothing can harm us. We are protected. We give in order to receive. We knock and the doors of opportunity are open. Happy Friday!!! God is Awesome and so are YOU!!!




“Good Morning World!! Life is Great!! Greatness is happening at this moment. We choose not to worry and blessings shower us. We wait in expectation for a windfall of prosperity. We acknowledge our ancestors and thank them for guidance. Our lives are better each second of the day. We surround ourselves with positive individuals. We create masterpieces in this moment and share with the world. God is AWESOME and so are YOU!!”




Good Morning World! Today we position ourselves in this moment. We find our abundance and prosperity right Now! We are not influenced by the negativity of others. We shape our reality and tap in to our blessing. We direct our thoughts towards our greatness. We shield ourselves from things that do not add to our blessing. We are not worried. Our attention is focused on feeling good and exercising our power. Our vibration is HIGH!! We are in spirit. We are inspired. We claim our happiness and accept nothing less. God is AWESOME and and so are YOU! -Precise



#inhale....Sometimes waiting can be so frustrating. I know the windfall is coming or rather I know it's here. Waiting for it to appear is nerve racking. I sit in this office and I don't really want to be here. I just want to make music and inspire people with my words and get paid for it. Sometimes it feels like I'm not doing something right.

I know someone out there knows how I am feeling. The last thing I want to do is place a timetable on myself. It would be fruitless because everything happens in its time. I'm so grateful for this blog. The ability to vent is making me feel better.

Look...this connection we have to the universe is real. The creator has given us...each one of us an amazing gift to share with the world. We are not here just to take up space. We are here to affect the World!

So now since I know that this connection is real, allow me to exercise it.

Today is the day where ALL OF MY DREAMS COME TRUE. The unending supply of abundant prosperity makes itself known to me and I access it. I am powerful. I take the proper actions to make this greatness happen. My energy and my vibration is high. I am high energy and a high vibration. My new homes are being built. My new wife is being prepared. My good is here NOW!!

All of my musical and Entertaiment projects are successful. God is AWESOME! ....#exhale

That Felt AWESOME!!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive