15 Minutes

I am so serious about this. The power I was given at birth to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire. I have been listening to the audio book Abraham Ask and it is Given and it has been a truly enlightening experience for me.

I have always wanted to be able to meditate. Take time to quiet my mind and allow God to work through me and fulfill my desires. A section in the audio book called "The Process of Meditation" assisted me in making a breakthrough.

Today I focused on that specific section and processed the techniques used to quiet my mind. I turned the lights out sat in a comfortable chair and closed my eyes. I focused on my breathing, actually counting my breaths. This allowed me to keep my mind clear and if any thought popped up I was able to release it. I felt my body relax and it became easier and easier with every breath I inhaled and exhaled. I could feel my mind changing.

I assumed my 15 minutes was up and came out of my meditation but then I looked at the clock and it was 30 minutes later. Time stopped and my mind was free.

I was so amazed that I was able to sit still and focused for so long, but as soon as I came out of the meditation I felt lighter. I felt good. I went outside immediately and the colors seemed brighter and the sounds were more clear.

I know and believe that my desires will come to fruition and I will be able to maintain this Good Feeling. Maintaining this Good Feeling will surely keep me in line with the source.

I am so excited. God is so Great!!

Tune in Turn On.




Inspire to Inspiration

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology | Date: 1996

inspire infuse into the mind; impart or suggest by divine agency; †breathe XIV; breathe in XVI. — (O)F. inspirer — L. inspīrāre, f. IN-1 + spīrāre breathe.
So inspiration XIV. — (O)F. — late L.

© The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology 1996, originally published by Oxford University Press 1996.

When I suggest that the power is within all of us to direct our thoughts to any ends we may desire. I mean that in the most fundamental way possible. Take a breath.....breeeeeeath.......

You are now present...where you are right now after you took that breath is the most important place to be. From this place you create your masterpiece, create an invention, change the world.


infuse into the mind

divine agency=source=God



Don't Fight The Feeling

On this spiritual journey I have discovered many things about myself that force me to take notice of my state of mind. When taking full assessment of myself and understanding what it means to have an ego and how that can take a hold of me, I begin to understand why I take so many things personally. The truth of the matter is I don't have to take anything personally. My ego provides me with a false sense of self. It hungers for a position of separation and provides my mind with the idea of the reality that it desires.

There are many of those among us who make great strides and accomplish great things. This fact must not loose sight of the reality that anything accomplished by any person is not isolated from our experience and the reality that we create. We see things as we want to see them. Our lives come from the most preeminent thoughts that we carry and the results are born from that.

Now is the time to diminish or rather eradicate our egos. The ego in its own selfishness keeps us from experiencing our oneness with the universe, with God.

I'm working on this and what I have found is that it starts with forgiveness. No matter what type of wrong that someone has done to you (you actually attract it to you), you have to forgive in order to truly be free. In that forgiveness you release resentment and hurt and find the place where you can access the feelings of happiness and joy that are embedded in your core.

Feelings of happiness and joy mixed with faith will always fulfill your desires and affect the universe in a positive manner. It starts with you and how you feel. How do you feel?


Yes I Did.......

The artists out of Chicago represent a sense of truth and unapologetic candor, present company included. Kanye does it again with this video. I feel like a champion when I hear this.

My Affirmation

"I call on the law of accumulation. My supply comes from God, and now pours in and piles up under grace."

I've been keeping that as a running theme in my mind today. I truly believe that we have the ability to attract what we desire through the use of our words.

The Law of Effect is you get more of what you reinforce. I choose to reinforce abundance, wealth and health.

"I call on the law of accumulation. My supply comes from God, and now pours in and piles up under grace."

Stay Focused Positive and Productive



Power Thoughts

I was thinking about doing this blog thing the way everybody else does...you know...post some cool videos and music...be "in the know"...but I decided against that. I'm approaching this from a real place.

Recently I have been experiencing some growth with respect to who I am and what it means to be a thirty something year old brother with goals and aspirations. I've picked up a few books .." A New Earth"by Ekhart Tolle...The Power Of Now by Ekhart Tolle...Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill..."The Wisdom of Florence Scovel Shinn by Florence Scovel Schinn and I just finished reading "Alter Your Life" by Emmet Fox.

All of this reading was sparked by my introduction to "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne. I also saw Abraham Speaks by Ester Hicks...you gotta be ready for that one. At any rate...here is where I am with this...I know and believe that we are connected to the source..that source being God. Our words construct our reality and the only real important moment in our lives is now. Mixing feelings with our faith fulfills our desires. We have the power to do anything we want and truly the only thing that can hinder you is you.

My eyes open when I realize how much accountability we truly have. Where we are now is based on the condition of our consciousness now.

My desire was to kick it off like this. Keep those words Positive and Uplifiting. Control those emotions. Your world will flourish because of it.

Leave me some thoughts.