FREE SHOW MAY 3, 2010 @REGGIES ROCK CLUB IN CHICAGO..COME CHEER ON PRECISE.. Sponsored By Ford Fiesta.. "A Cut Above The Rest"


Fresh off the Track-Off Victory of his song It's On Me produced by tyehill and d.j. thunder of The Produktionix on Kyra Kyles TheKylesFiles and his mention on WGN TV Channel 9 in Chicago,Precise is riding a wave of Victory because of YOU! We are so grateful and appreciative.

On May 3, 2010 Precise will be performing in the competition "A Cut Above The Rest" sponsored by Ford Fiesta at Reggies Rock Club in Chicago. THIS IS A FREE SHOW.....all you have to do is RSVP --------> Here

We are requesting your presence at this event not only to see a great show but to come out and help Precise maintain his seat in the winners circle. Precise will be competing against eleven other artists for a 500.00 dollar prize. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

This will prove to be a Great Night for Hip Hop, specifically in Chicago as we continue to work towards Unity and Peace.

I will be following up with you through out the week as a reminder. I really hope to see you there rooting for Precise and Chicago Hip Hop.

Once Again THIS IS A FREE SHOW.....all you have to do is RSVP --------> Here

See You May 3, 2010 @ Reggies Rock Club 2109 S State St. Chicago , IL


Eddy Lamarre


April Showers.....Blessings

Precise In The RedEye

LET IT RAIN!!....Blessings.

I got an inspiration from a close friend to work on a Vision board a few weeks ago. It seemed like a good time to do this because I have been planning to do one for a while now. The time felt right. So I was given a poster-board and I went out a purchased another one cause I have a BIG VISION...lol..and Im going to get two more poster-boards...HA HA!!

I got a few magazines and went to work.>>>>>>> FAST FORWARD

A few days ago...I won a competition called "The Track Off" check the previous blog. It was such an awesome victory, not only because I won but because it helped me to see that people are truly supporting me and I appreciate it a great deal.

The prize for the winner of The Track Off was a mention in the RedEye Newspaper.

I get a call from a friend of mine early Thursday morning trying to tell me something but the connection was so bad that they decided to text me. I get the text and its says "Saw U In The Red Eye!!" I immediately jump out of bed hop in the car and go to the nearest place that had the paper. I grabbed a handful. As soon as I got to the car I frantically flipped through the pages just to see my picture posted PROMINENTLY on page 35. I was overwhelmed. As exciting as it was to win it was even more exciting to see Precise in the paper.

I have never met Kyra Kyles outside of twitter and we never even discussed the song, however the way she described it was perfect and is exactly what and how I wished to convey the message of the song "It's On Me"

And I Quote....

It's On Me

"Armed with an arresting instrumental and a strong message about community responsibility, Precise earned a decisive track-off victory in the rap leg of the competition. "Its On Me", avoids being preachy, while offering street intel and advice through clever analogies and a crafty call and response approach. Precise flows in perfect cadence over an instrumental that sounds like it traveled here from the 90's and you'll be glad you made the trip." Kyra Kyles RedEye

...and then.....I get a twit saying that I was mentioned on WGN news...Channel 9 in Chicago..... see it @about 1:20 mark

WOW!!!!!...The most amazing part of this is that I did not send in a photo for the paper or television it was chosen and the greatest part of that is that it was the picture I posted to my Vision Board just a few weeks before..

My Vision Board..well... one of them

The Power Of Intention is REAL...and this is only the beginning. We truly are connected to an unlimited source of abundance. We have to feed ourselves positive words and know and believe them. GOD IS GREAT.

I was so excited I had to wait a few days to write this blog...HA HA...I WAS ON 10 and I still am...kinda. This is only the beginning and I am so happy and grateful that all of you are making this journey with me.

I have a few shows coming up this month and continue to meet new and interesting people. Everybody is showing up at the right time and place and I do not take it for granted.

A Shower of Blessings rain down on all of us consistently. Take some time out and go singing in the rain...well at least run through the sprinkler.

I believe MY GOOD is HERE NOW!!!...Everything is possible when we believe.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



The Track-Off WE WON!!!! X Saturday Night Pheature X Lid Law "Telephony" Video

I was so amped when I found out that my song 'It's On Me" was going against Ill Legits song "Too Familiar" on Kyra Kyles of The Red Eye well respected blog thekylesfiles . I immediatley sent out an email to all of you and you responded ... Guess What... WE WON!!!! YESSSS!!!!

The winner gets a mention in The Chicago News Magazine "The Red Eye" and a possible appearance on WGN. I want to thank all of you for taking out the time to vote for me. It means so much. I am very grateful you are making this journey with me.

Shouts out To P1 for another successful "Saturday Night Pheature". AML Records and Pink Fusion collaborated and put together a GREAT event. I even did an impromptu performance. It was a dope night. Check the pics -------> Here

The homie Lid Law was the headliner at Saturday Night Pheature he did a great set and one of my favorites from him "Telephony"..Producedby tyehill and d.j. thunder of The Pro-Duk-Tio-Nix..consequently the video dropped this week...Check It Out....

Telephony by Lid Law the "Jrunk Unk" from Floyd Webb on Vimeo.


New Song S.O.U.L "Saving Our Unique Legacy" ...featuring Precise produced By Emilio Bucks

S.O.U.L "Saving Our Unique Legacy" is a song that addresses the senseless violence that has been plaguing Chicago recently. The song is the brainchild of Chicago Natives Hassahn Phenomenon and Emilio Bucks and features teenage R&B sensation Mariah Duncan, Spud, Precise, Black I, Hassahn Phenomenon, S.I.N Extraodinaire, DV8, Headline and Brando Star

The song was produced by Emilio Bucks and will be the soundtrack of the book entitled "Lost Soul" written by Dr. Marsan Champion ...Here is the link to the song--------> S.O.U.L

In this specific time in history where it may appear as though the worst things are affecting many around the globe, we have to know that each of us individually and collectively can make a change...We can "Save Our Unique Legacy".

Official Press Release

Please Forward To Family and Friends... We Can Change The World!!