It Really Works!!!

One of the most exciting events in my life happened yesterday and I had to share it with all of you. I've been doing my meditation daily and its getting better day to day. I haven't been able to clear my mind totally but I do have moments when I can feel a wave of energy come over my body. A friend told me it takes time and for me to be patient. I take those words as a blessing and will continue to be diligent.

Ok...thats exciting but let me tell you the really exciting news. I'm driving around the city kind of in a funk because of something that just happened. I'm extremely frustrated because I know I attracted it to myself and I should have done better. I turn on the radio and tune in to WGCI the #1 rated radio station in Chicago and I catch a song from some new artists thats pretty dope. As I'm listening to the song I am raking my mind to find the right words or phrase that will raise my vibration because I knew it was low and needed to get back on my square as soon as possible. While I'm doing that I hear a familiar intro on the radio then I realize IT'S MY SONG "WILD WILD". Words can't explain what I felt.

I immediately started screaming and shouting at the top of my lungs and I was overcome with so much emotion. My song was being played on WGCI. I was by myself with no phone so I couldn't tell anyone. I was so excited I started to run up to the car next to me and say 'MY SONG IS ON THE RADIO"....lol...I almost did that...lol.

My energy level shot through the roof. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before. I couldn't believe it. It happened at the right time at the right moment.

Imagine just a few moments before I was filled with disappointment and regret and it was immediately turned around by the vibration of my song on the radio, and the attempt I was making to raise my vibration. WOW!!

If I had any doubt about the power of our minds and what God is capable of you better believe it is now erased. Now its time to stay consistent and keep the meditation consistent.

Our words and our feelings paint a picture. Feel good. Feel good. Feel good.

Stay Focused Positive and Productive




Peace World....I hope this blog reaches all of you in good spirits and health. Its been a little over a week since my last blog and I have been meditating since then. Everyday has been different. Some days I am able to sit still and be still and I can feel my energy rise. Other days I allow myself to be bogged down with so much negative thought that I don't think I accomplish anything.

I had to take a step back and really understand the reason for this meditation. This practice is more about aligning ones self with the proper vibration in order for their desires to come to fruition. Meditation is an opportunity to clear the mind, raise your level of vibration , release any resistance and give one an awareness of their inner being.

Any thought that you continue to think is called a belief...some help...others don't. We have the ability to change those beliefs through meditation. Many times these beliefs serve as a resistance to what we truly desire and keep us away from our natural state of thriving and well being.

At times during my meditation I can feel my vibration change. The goal is to be able to maintain this. This is a journey for me and I am grateful to be able to share it with you.