"Get Stoked" By Anacron Video directed by Zubaer Khan Video produced by Dana Anderson....Lets Play 'Where Is Precise"

This was probably one of the best days I've had all year. My manager told me about this video shoot a day before,however I had a job fair to attend. I shot right over to the video shoot as soon as I gave my resume to anyone that would take it.....lol

Anacron was cool as a fan. Zu did a masterful job editing, and Dana Anderson not only produced this video but also starred in it.

I had so much fun doing this. My video is coming soon. Let me know what you think of this. LEAVE A COMMENT!!!!

Anacron - Get Stoked! from Gallery Network on Vimeo.



I was listening to Mary J Blige song My Life yesterday and after loving that song and album for so many years and hearing the song itself countless times....I finally get it.

Life can be only what you make it
When youre feelin down
You should never fake it
Say whats on your mind
And youll find in time
That all the negative energy
It would all cease

And youll be at peace with yourself
You wont really need no one else
Except for the man up above
Because hell give you love

I love Mary....she helped me to open my eyes. 2009 has been AMAZING!!!! Blessings have been abundant....GOD IS GREAT!!

Forgiveness is necessary for true freedom and happiness.

"Say whats on your mind and you'll find in time that all the negative energy it would all cease"...Mary J Blige

Real life in 5....4....3...2...1..... I miss my family so much.I really want to go on a tell all rant about my life right now. The fact that I want to is a breakthrough. I am not one to share my struggles, well.. I try not to burden people with "What Im Going Through". I have shifted a bit in that thinking for two reasons.

1. Holding on to all these thoughts is holding me down like a weight.

2. I REALLY want to be HAPPY and FREE!!!!

Bitterness, wrath, anger, jealousy, envy, regret,and doubt are poison to the mind, body and soul. We have to be true to ourselves. How can you truly experience the happiness that is here for all of us if we allow these emotions to coax us away from what is rightfully ours. FREEDOM!!! HAPPINESS!!! We have been given a spirit of LOVE, POWER and A SOUND MIND!

My goodness I have made some bad decisions in the past...some days I wake up guilt ridden...angry...and full of regret. Sometimes it seems so difficult to pull myself out of that state of mind because its so easy to feel sorry for yourself.

But wait a minute....IM AWAKE!!! WORD!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!!

Be grateful for life, appreciate every breath. It takes time. I know this. And I am starting right now....NOW.

Video: Q-Tip feat. Norah Jones - Life Is Better