LIVE YOUR LIFE NOW! – Tis The Season

As I write this I can feel my self breathing and I am grateful. Each breath is a reminder that I am capable of changing my circumstance in this moment. 
During this time of year many of us find ourselves assessing it. We may think about what has gone right, what has gone wrong and what we can do better. Self reflection opens us up to the possibilities of what can be. 
The power of transformation and the ability to be happy rests inside of all of us. We are connected to the universe in a way that will spark change. We have to believe. 
The creator has not given us life in error. We have purpose. We must be bold enough to act on it. Many of us spend too much time focused on the “bad” things. Sometimes we allow negative thoughts to spark an emotion that can leave us stagnant. We have power over these thought. We have dominion. 
I challenge you to love, to project abundance and change your circumstance and the world.
This is my intention going into the new year. I am eliminating fear and doubt and replacing those thoughts with love, good health, prosperity and abundance. 
We have been blessed with these lives to live to the fullest. We should be happy. We should be carefree. We should love. 
Live your life NOW!!
Stay Focused, Positive and Productive
What is your intention for 2014? Please share, leave a comment below.
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Stony Isle Profile: A Good Way to Get "The Feeling"

Stony Isle Profile: A Good Way to Get "The Feeling": Dope Mixtape series. Track number 22 is the emcee Rkitech feat another Chicago emcee Precise "The Feeling"...Chicago Music!!   ...



I visited Indianapolis for a show and met up with Taj Longino of TWTTV (http://talkwithtaj.com/) We discussed everything from the violence in Chicago, its musical legacy, the importance of good health and the music industry. Please Leave comments and share. http://precise.bandcamp.com/

Rappin around a STRIP POLE!! ...HA!!! GO!!Stopbeefinradio.com LIVE FROM VIP interview w/ Precise (Chicago, IL)

Right after visiting with Taj Longino of TWTTV …I went of to Pure Passion in Indianapolis to speak with James St James of http://stopbeefinradio.com .
Check it out… Let me know what you think.
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City Vanguard Point Of View featuring Precise

Up close and personal conversation/interview with Chicago Emcee Precise.

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Shot and edited by David Weathersby of City Vanguard.


SCANDAL-LESS Thursday - Huck - Complex Assassin - Guillermo Díaz

Another week without SCANDAL and yet this week has been full of scandal. The trial of George Zimmerman for the murder of Trayvon Martin is being broadcast daily. The state that you live in can change the voting laws without federal approval. If you live in Texas you will need a voters id to cast your vote. Gay Marriage has not been embraced by everyone yet rights are being recognized. Alex Hernandez a former New England Patriots football player is under investigation for allegedly shooting and killing a friend. Annnnnnnd...Paula Deen has managed to become the most famous racist cook we have ever known. Then guess who she hires to get her out of this fiasco....JUDY SMITH!!! If you dont know who Judy Smith is check the blog I wrote a few weeks ago.

Olivia Pope is Judy Smith – SCANDAL-LESS Thursday

Art truly does imitate life and I would not be surprised if one of the situations mentioned above turns up as an episode of your favorite television show. If this was an episode of Scandal, Olivia would have her gladiators hit the pavement. Her most loyal and complex gladiator Huck would be gathering information and playing enforcer at the same time. Imagine him tapping into Paula Deens cellphone calls. I bet you would hear the secret recipe to her famous macaroni and cheese with a few N words dropped in the mix...HA.
SCANDAL-DIAZ_510x317Guillermo Diaz is the actor who plays Huck. His resume is extensive and diverse. He has been cast as everything from a gangster to a drag queen. Many of the characters that he portrays have a love for ganja, the sticky icky, loudpack, marijuana WEED!! Refer to the movie "Half Baked" alongside Dave Chapelle and his recurring role on the aptly named SHOWTIME series "WEEDS". Guillermo has worked with Dave Chappelle on a few different occasions One of the most memorable was as an employee of PopCopy a spoof of FedEx Kinkos on the Chapelle Show.
With a penchant for comedic roles its interesting to see how Guillermo embraces the character of Huck and makes the audience feel for him. Its actually pretty amazing because Huck kills people for a living and still manages to show he has a heart. Only a skilled actor can convey that type of complexity.
We left Huck at a crossroads during the last few episodes of SCANDAL. After being subjected to water boarding and locked in a trunk for a few hours he seems to have lost his passion for being an assassin. I'm expecting something to force his hand in upcoming episodes so he can go back to his killing ways, or maybe he will retire and start selling weed in Colorado. Either way Im sure the fans will love him and wont be mad at him if he tortures the next meddling villain with a drill. I know one thing is for sure I bet Paula Deen wishes she had Huck on her side to kill all this attention she's getting.
Do you like Huck? What do you think about him being an assasin? Share. Like this blog and leave a comment below. :-)

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Official Music Video "The Feeling" Rkitech feat Precise (Album Version) 2

Chicago and NY join forces and deliver "The Feeling" produced by Rkitech of Hit Squad fame and ft Chicago Super Emcee Precise.

The Feeling is on the soon to be released Anti-Skinny Jeans Lp that features Buckshot, Hakim Green of Channel Live, Keith Murray and Prime Meridian and Stat Quo.

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Stay Tuned


SCANDAL-LESS Thursday – Olivia - Huck - Fitz - Mellie - Cyrus

scandal-on-abc copy
I know for a fact that I am not the only one looking forward to seeing the discussion that Olivia will have with her father in the back of that limo. But uhhhh…We gotta wait. For the record I am not one who watches very much TV; however Thursday night is a good night to turn on the television and chat it up with my fellow Scandal fans on Facebook. I love doing the commentary as much as watching the show. It’s like sitting in the living room watching television with 4000 of your closest family members. I have a lot of friends….HA!....Anyway…what do I do on Thursdays now?
I was having a conversation with a close friend. We were discussing this enormous void (not really) that Shondra has placed in our lives for the next 4 months. WHAT IS WE GON DO?!
We came to the conclusion that we can do a few things. We will provide the world with a list of what you can do during this Scandal hiatus aaaaaaaand we will provide you with some cool background on some of the characters. So…There you have it. Scandal-Less Thursdays is in effect…LETS GO!!!
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Malik Yusef – Pave Settings Entertainment – The Music Industry – Precise

I have been involved in the music industry over a decade, consistently pursuing my dream and most recently understanding what my purpose is as an artist. I am here to uplift the mass and be a reminder of the greatness that all of us possess. I do this through my gift of music.
I am extremely encouraged in recent times because of how the face of the music industry is changing. It allows access to areas that may not have been accessible ten years ago. The advent of blogs and social media has enabled me to provide insight into who I am as an artist and a person to the entire world. I am grateful for that.
This is a different time. It is easier to maneuver through some areas, however other areas remain a mystery. Most times the information needed to gain access to these areas will not be available on-line. Nothing substitutes the relationship.
Last week 5-15-2013 courtesy of Pave Settings Entertainment I took part in a Teleconference called Breaking into the Music Industry Ft Malik Yusef of Good Music.  Malik’s resume is loaded with experience in the industry that is invaluable. His accolades range from Tony Awards to Grammys. The relationships he has fostered are golden.
During my time in this industry I have spent A LOT of money for situations that I assumed would help me along my road to success. I have paid to perform at conferences. I have sold tickets for shows. I have spent money for promotions. Sometimes I would benefit. Sometimes I did not benefit. I always chalked it up to paying my dues.
My experiences in terms of the money I have shelled out paying my dues were valuable, however the 2 hours we spent on the phone with Malik during the teleconference was eye opening. There were tips that were given that I moved on right away and garnered immediate results. This teleconference was definitely worth the money and I am recommending it to ALL of my friends and peers in this industry.
Explaining what I learned during the teleconference in this blog would not do it any justice. I am inviting you as my personal guest to take part in the teleconference portion of this event on May 22, 2013. As a result of joining last weeks call I have been given this ability to invite those of you who I know will find value in this conversation.
There will also be a Live Group Session with Malik on the Chicago leg of the tour on June 8th. If you are truly serious about your career in this industry I should see you there. Click The links below.
Link to Teleconference for May 22, 2013 Click Here
Link for Live Group Session June 8, 2013 Click Here
Email me at precisemuzic@gmail.com for questions and discount codes.

Buy/Listen to The Hit Single “Take Our Time (Right Away)” produced by Tye Hill from the soon to be released Ep “Ladies Love Mixtapes” 


Precise: Road to SXSW...I need your Support...Support Preci...

Precise: Road to SXSW...I need your Support...Support Preci...: This has been an amazing journey thus far.  Out of 2900 entries I made the Top 100  in a contest sponsored by Zazoo to Perform at The ...

Road to SXSW...I need your Support...Support Precise

This has been an amazing journey thus far. Out of 2900 entries I made the Top 100 in a contest sponsored by Zazoo to Perform at The Outlaw Roadshow at SXSW in Austin.
We are pressing into the Top 10! LETS WIN!!!
My support has been overwhelming. My request is that you continue sharing. This ia a contest about support. I KNOW WE CAN DO THIS!!! 
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Help Precise get to SXSW and perform at The Outlaw Roadshow...Top 10 in a Few Days...

Zazoo says they are Days away from announcing the top 10.
 I am asking for your support more than ever.  Official Instructions……. Click the link …click “Support Now”…Share on FB… 

http://www.zazoo.it/LandingPages/Reverbnation/Vote.aspx?ClipID=1410091 Help me get to The 

OutLaw Roadshow at SXSW!!! LETS GO!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!! SHARE MORE THAN ONCE!! I cant do this without you!! 


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