Active Activism

I think its been about a week if not two since the video of Nyoil and Al Sharpton has hit the web. If you haven't see the video you can go here Nyoil and Al Sharpton The significance of this discussion should not be lost. The conversation was very necessary and opened my eyes to many misconceptions people have about Rev Al Sharpton and the movement to reclaim our communities.

NOW is the time to be ACTIVE. Nyoil has increased the Activity of PEMG through hosting his own radio show "Build Sessions" . I like that this show is solution driven. This is not a forum for bellyaching and to talk about what people are not doing. It is a opportunity to connect those who are moving toward the same goal and that is to enlighten and provide knowledge to the people.

Activism, in a general sense, can be described as intentional action to bring about social or political change.

Are you Active?....Be an Active Activist....Create Something be a part of Positive Change.

Lets Move.....


Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



Who Run This?

Recently my buzz has been increasing and it's great to see the results of a consistent work ethic via the internet. However the one thing I need to acknowledge is that this really has nothing to do with me or what I have done when it comes to my career.

Proverbs 16:9 (New King James Version)

9 A man’s heart plans his way,
But the LORD directs his steps

I noticed the shift in my experiences when I decided to put my trust in God. In the last few weeks I have been able to establish meaningful relationships within this industry, be in a music video, meet artists who have an impact and build with undeniable legends in Hip Hop. Part of this has to do with my plan, however the greatest influence has been my movement based on the belief that God will allow me to be present and point me in the the right direction when opportunities arise.

Music has such a powerful influence on the psyche of the masses.I understand this. This is why I have chosen to be the voice of enlightenment. I should speak my message as boldly and as deliberately as those who spread a message contrary to mine. This is not a commentary on the state of Hip Hop and how I am here to resurrect it. This is a pledge to the masses that I will continue to be the alternative to that which glorifies negativity.

God is truly directing my path. The challenge is to continue to be obedient and be in tune enough to recognize when the spirit is speaking to me.

I have no apologies for my stance because I seek the kingdom knowing all else will be added on.

I wait in anticipation for divine inspiration, knowing that when I am obedient the desires of my heart will be fulfilled.

God Runs this.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive