The Track-Off WE WON!!!! X Saturday Night Pheature X Lid Law "Telephony" Video

I was so amped when I found out that my song 'It's On Me" was going against Ill Legits song "Too Familiar" on Kyra Kyles of The Red Eye well respected blog thekylesfiles . I immediatley sent out an email to all of you and you responded ... Guess What... WE WON!!!! YESSSS!!!!

The winner gets a mention in The Chicago News Magazine "The Red Eye" and a possible appearance on WGN. I want to thank all of you for taking out the time to vote for me. It means so much. I am very grateful you are making this journey with me.

Shouts out To P1 for another successful "Saturday Night Pheature". AML Records and Pink Fusion collaborated and put together a GREAT event. I even did an impromptu performance. It was a dope night. Check the pics -------> Here

The homie Lid Law was the headliner at Saturday Night Pheature he did a great set and one of my favorites from him "Telephony"..Producedby tyehill and d.j. thunder of The Pro-Duk-Tio-Nix..consequently the video dropped this week...Check It Out....

Telephony by Lid Law the "Jrunk Unk" from Floyd Webb on Vimeo.


Sandria Washington said...

Ooooooo, pop champagne! Every victory is a major victory, so congrats!

DLN Mktg Comm/Consulting said...

Congrats Bro! U deserved the win!! The momentum is your favor 4 great things! Keep up the great work!

Precise said...

Dave thanks bro...Congrats on Drew's Single BTW...she is burnin it up!!...Sandria we gotta Pop some Champagne ..or at least 7up...lol