High School Students Reaction To "It's On Me"

A few weeks ago a friend of mine who works at a Chicago Public School played my song "It's On Me" for her students. She asked for them to explain what they got from the song. Their responses are listed below.

The students really enjoyed hearing your song. I was shocked at some the responses that I received.

1. No matter what I come across its up to me to overcome.

2. I cant blame anything on anyone else its all up to me.

3. I cant blame my mother for me not doing well in school.

4. When we go outside its up to us to change. We are killing each other. We cant blame anyone but ourselves.

5. When I wait til the last minute to do my work and I dont get the grade I should I cant blame anyone but myself.

6. We cant blame anyone for our struggle or situation. We are the only ones that can make it better. Things will never be fixed waiting on someone else "It's on me"

7. I need a plan because my future depends on me.

8. We cant blame our parents or the generation before us for what we are living through. We have to gain control of our own destiny. My future is on me.

9. Everything I go through is because my parents are messed up. This song gives me hope that someone out there cares. If everyone have this attitude then maybe life wouldn't be so bad.

I am truly humbled by this. You never know who is listening and what type of message they get from the music. This is encouraging. We can make a difference.

Stay Foucsed, Positive and Productive


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Sandria Washington said...

That's so true--you never know who is receiving your message, so it's a blessing you had something profound to offer these students. I'm encouraged by their insights. As much as I procrastinate I know that at the end of the day "it's on me" and God has my back. I just need to do my part. Thank you for sharing this and hopefully, you'll be able to get your message into more schools.