Acknowledge The Blessing

AK of Do or Die and Precise

The blessings of God are real and true and present themselves to us everyday. My life is changing right now and I see this clearly. Knowing that I have the ability to do any task I set my mind to do with ease and comfort gives me the fuel to continue. Our connection to God makes anything possible. Words activate the connection…the right words activate the connection.

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Thats my NEW RINGTONE for GO! I am so excited about this. After you purchase for 99cents it forward it to your people.

Check me out On May 27th I was part of a great Chicago gathering "The RoundTable Cypher" on The LadyO Show. This was so much fun. Chicago's elite emcees came together for this Mikkey Halsted, Marvo, Lid Law, Phil G, Precise and a host of other came together for May Maddness to exchange some bars and promote Chicago unity. SpokenFree Entertainment is really doing great work for the city. I am very grateful for them. Check the footage below.

Precise, Mikey Streetz and D Meeks from TUV Media on Vimeo.

Evening Sessions took a break in June but we are more than excited for the Relaunch on July 2, 2010 at The Living Room 1100 W Cermak. I cant say enough about this experience. Evening Sessions is the opportunity to be a part of the renaissance that is going on NOW! The last production was NEXT LEVEL. The next production will be MONUMENTAL!

Introducing Uneq'ka of JustFm Entertainment....One of the Great Talents of Evening Sessions


See you on July 2, 2010 at The Living Room for Evening Sessions.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive


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