A NEW SEASON!!!...Music Update....Life Lesson

Whats up world, it has been a while but I'm BACK. Many people have been asking me how the music is going. To answer the question I am currently working on The Ladies Love Mixtapes mixtape produced by TyeHill of The Pro-Duk-Tio_Nix. My single GO! has been placed on numerous mixtapes and has been generating a great buzz worldwide. Generally the music has been going great. I am extremely appreciative and grateful and expect Great, Marvelous and Amazing things to keep happening.

Evening Sessions has been AWESOME!! Just Flo and Uneq'ka have created a historic event and it truly is a Journey Into Art and Sound. Seriously...if you have not been to The Living Room to experience Evening Sessions you are missing out on a great event, and I am so proud to be a part of this.

After Evening Sessions last Friday...I went to a sunrise service of 63rd St beach with SoChiLiteTimes and The New Life Covenant Church. Being on the beach at 5 in the morning praising God and praying was powerful. Interestingly enough after it was over I felt like I had entered a New Season of Health, Wealth and Prosperity. I felt NEW!

.....Then the next day I get some served with some documents that totally deflated how I was feeling. I spent the entire day trying to fight any negative feelings of sadness, anger and jealousy that was trying to consume me.

One thing I am realizing is that I have to understand that nothing can keep me from my blessing. Nothing and no one will keep me from my family and in all truth ONLY GOD runs this and no matter what I Know THE BEST is on the horizon.

When I first started this blog...my focus was on creating an atmosphere that would maximize the blessings that would feed my spirit and allow me to be a true co-creator. I got away from that, and I recognize the difference. I must always remember that we have control over our experience. The words we choose and remembering that the past is in the past and that NOW is important time...because we create NOW!!

I can't front, I could feel myself feeling depressed and wanting an opportunity to change what I messed up. The frustration builds knowing that we cant go back and change anything. This is why NOW is so important.The action we take NOW affect our lives.

I find myself thinking about being in love and I miss that feeling. I miss the feeling of knowing someone cares about me and has my back, or the butterflies whenever I am around that person,knowing that we will build something AWESOME together. I want that feeling back....the only way it can happen is to Love myself first NOW!

I know I have been all over the place with this blog, but I really want those of you who take the time to read this blog to know that you are not alone. We all have these feelings of doubt and despair. However...we don't have to and should not live in that space.

Be grateful...be appreciative know that THE BEST IS HERE NOW! Adjust your thinking because you can...feed yourself with positive words..surround yourself with those who really care about you. KNOW that you have the POWER to change your circumstance.

It is A NEW SEASON!!! Our GREATNESS is realized NOW!!!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive.


Hebrews 10:35
35 So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.

<a href="http://precise.bandcamp.com/track/its-on-me">It's On Me by Precise</a>


Crankz said...

what good precise, just passing through, so i though i'd chrisin your page, look forward to hearing your new tracks

Phenomenal1 said...

Yes i like that. No way to change what has happened but you can change what will happen by focusing on the NOW! Great take brother. Much continued success and well wishes.

Michael | My II Sense.com said...

I've been learning the same lesson - again - lately. This time feels different. This time I feel like I've learned that everything I will ever need is in the space of NOW. Not what I have done or will do, but what I am willing to do in this very moment. Thanks for sharing brother. As always, I wish you the very best.

Precise said...

@P1 thanks bro ...I really appreciate you and the movement you have created. Awesomeness is on the horizon.

Precise said...

@Michael....thanks for commenting bro...Its always good to come to the realization that your power comes NOW...in the moment that is before you. Moving in the moment is necessary and sometimes being still in the moment is just as powerful. I appreciate you bro. I know great things are happening for you NOW!

Sandria W said...

God runs this!!--What a powerful reminder, thank you for that. It's so timely Im reading this NOW because last week I was having a super good morning and before I left the house I got served with some papers. I refused to let it ruin my morning or my day because I knew no matter how the situation played out it would be for my highest good. (Sidebar: *my legal situation his all better now, lol).

We shouldnt dwell on the past, nor should we focus too much on the future. It is on us to make the most of NOW.