Our Value

We Have Value

Over the course of my years on this earth I have been involved in many specific ongoing conversations. One specific conversation always sticks out the most. Why don’t black people stick together? I have had this conversation with all sorts of individuals and there never seems to be a definitive answer. Well guess what? I have the answer.

We don’t adequately demonstrate the respect and value that we have with each other by exchanging the proper type of energy.

I would go on a tirade about the history of people of color right now, however I know that is the root of the problem. I could also go on a long spiel about how other cultures benefit and flourish from the proper exchange of energy, however that would be a waste of energy for me. Allow me to be plain.

Money is energy. Our community has yet to capitalize off the value that has been embraced thousands of times over around the world. We take each other for granted and we do not extend the same type of respect we extend to other cultures with regards to exchanging money.

Where a man spends his money is where his treasure is. Our culture is a treasure and should be nurtured and appreciated. We should appreciate it so much that we give money/energy to preserve the essence of it and grow the treasure where we are.

The time has come to stop short changing our community and start breaking bread (sharing money/energy) and reap the benefits of it as a community.

Our community has the ability to exchange goods and services with each other. We must embrace our greatness and express it accordingly. Share energy and build the community. #THATISALL

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