SCANDAL-LESS Thursday – Olivia - Huck - Fitz - Mellie - Cyrus

scandal-on-abc copy
I know for a fact that I am not the only one looking forward to seeing the discussion that Olivia will have with her father in the back of that limo. But uhhhh…We gotta wait. For the record I am not one who watches very much TV; however Thursday night is a good night to turn on the television and chat it up with my fellow Scandal fans on Facebook. I love doing the commentary as much as watching the show. It’s like sitting in the living room watching television with 4000 of your closest family members. I have a lot of friends….HA!....Anyway…what do I do on Thursdays now?
I was having a conversation with a close friend. We were discussing this enormous void (not really) that Shondra has placed in our lives for the next 4 months. WHAT IS WE GON DO?!
We came to the conclusion that we can do a few things. We will provide the world with a list of what you can do during this Scandal hiatus aaaaaaaand we will provide you with some cool background on some of the characters. So…There you have it. Scandal-Less Thursdays is in effect…LETS GO!!!
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