15 Minutes

I am so serious about this. The power I was given at birth to control and direct my mind to whatever ends I desire. I have been listening to the audio book Abraham Ask and it is Given and it has been a truly enlightening experience for me.

I have always wanted to be able to meditate. Take time to quiet my mind and allow God to work through me and fulfill my desires. A section in the audio book called "The Process of Meditation" assisted me in making a breakthrough.

Today I focused on that specific section and processed the techniques used to quiet my mind. I turned the lights out sat in a comfortable chair and closed my eyes. I focused on my breathing, actually counting my breaths. This allowed me to keep my mind clear and if any thought popped up I was able to release it. I felt my body relax and it became easier and easier with every breath I inhaled and exhaled. I could feel my mind changing.

I assumed my 15 minutes was up and came out of my meditation but then I looked at the clock and it was 30 minutes later. Time stopped and my mind was free.

I was so amazed that I was able to sit still and focused for so long, but as soon as I came out of the meditation I felt lighter. I felt good. I went outside immediately and the colors seemed brighter and the sounds were more clear.

I know and believe that my desires will come to fruition and I will be able to maintain this Good Feeling. Maintaining this Good Feeling will surely keep me in line with the source.

I am so excited. God is so Great!!

Tune in Turn On.




Victor Randolph Moore II said...

Look man, you getting way too deep!

Precise said...

Its gonna get deeper.

Chellee6 said...

I've always wanted to try meditation. It seems like it could really help. Maybe I'll check out that book you mentioned. Thanks!!!

Tuesdai Noelle said...

Hi :)

Thanks for checking how my blog, you have some interesting knowlegde on your blog as well. I got the template from pyram.com ...I believe that's the website, I haven't been to it in soooo long. You might have to check :)