Inspire to Inspiration

The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology | Date: 1996

inspire infuse into the mind; impart or suggest by divine agency; †breathe XIV; breathe in XVI. — (O)F. inspirer — L. inspīrāre, f. IN-1 + spīrāre breathe.
So inspiration XIV. — (O)F. — late L.

© The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology 1996, originally published by Oxford University Press 1996.

When I suggest that the power is within all of us to direct our thoughts to any ends we may desire. I mean that in the most fundamental way possible. Take a breath.....breeeeeeath.......

You are now present...where you are right now after you took that breath is the most important place to be. From this place you create your masterpiece, create an invention, change the world.


infuse into the mind

divine agency=source=God


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