Hip Hop Honors

I can’t front. Hip Hop is my life. I was watching the performances from Hip Hop Honors yesterday and was nearly brought to tears during the performances. Slick Rick, Too Short, De La Soul, Cypress Hill, and Naughty By Nature all had a great influence on what type of music I do today. I love the fact I was able to come up during that era. Seeing them be honored last night was truly well deserved. I hope and pray I am able to continue the legacy of Hip Hop with honor and respect.

Slick Rick and De La Soul have had the biggest influence on me with respect to the artist that performed last night. ‘Hey Young World” by Slick Rick brings back memories of the summer of 1989 when I met my wife. Wow what a memory and the songs message is simple and true…”So listen Be Strong …Scream Whoopee Doo…Go For yours!!!”De La Soul always represented originality and the lyricism in Hip Hop and whenever I hear “Stakes Is High” I get a chill running through my body….”The Vibe…Vibrations…The Stakes is High” Peace to JDilla for producing that joint.

Keep an ear to the street for me the universe is abundant and I will continue to share my gift with the world in love and understanding. Hip Hop Lives!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive


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Kiki Love said...

That was when hip hop was really Hip-Hop, not the commercial, co-opted corporate music, that is being passed on as hip-hop music.

I enjoyed that music immensely, and you never know how good you had it until its gone.