Hello world. Its been a while since I touched base with all of you. Ok...where do I start...Oh I know...a few posts back I was speaking of a great experience I had because I followed my inspiration. The result of that is a show I have on Oct 29th @ The Spot on 4437 N Broawdway. I made a good conect and set an intention and it happened. I am so excited about it. If you can make it out I promise a good show. I can feel my good bubbling up.

Last week I had the opportunity to meet an individual I have been chatting with on Myspace for time now. I was invited down to the studio to lay some verses. I was so honored to be chosen and when I got there the vibe was perfect.

Mani is a Techno Dj making a transition and by the sounds of his music he has created a dynamic hybrid of house, techno and hip hop. WOW!!...I also had the pleasure of meeting Sub Zero a prolific freestyler...I mean this guy is rhyming all the time its so uncanny. I also met an Emcee from Minneapolis who goes by the name of Young General..he's dope.

I have had to take a step back an realize what has been happening as of late. This journey has been one with many challenges and sometimes I find myself getting lost in negative thoughts. However when I think about what has transpired within the last month or so I get so excited because I am seeing the results of staying centered, meditating and moving with a definite intention. It really does work. The power of our mind is infinite.

They joy is in the journey!...that phrase is really starting to make sense. Ok...just stoppin thru...I'm about to go do my meditation and I look forward to hearing responses from all of you.

Listen to "Peep My Steez" featuring Young General, Precise and SZO....Produced by Manish Miglani...its below

Peep My Steez 192k f. SZO, Young General & Precise - Manish Miglani

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



Anita said...

I get so excited when I see other people living out their dreams. It inspires me to go after my own, and recognize that the only thing that can hold me back is me.

God bless you in your journey!


Precise said...

Thank you so much Anita...do me a favor send me your email so I can send you a few songs.

Kiki Love said...

Wow, I feel you on this one. When you work with a definite purpose, its like sending vibes to the universe and saying "yes I am doing this, I don't khow how its gonna unfold, but I'm in this." So true. I am inspired and I am trying to follow the same path of following my dreams too!