The L.A. Experience

Akon and Precise

To be honest everything that happened I expected to happen. I was not sure how or when it would happen, I just knew it would.

My faith is growing more and more everyday. My trip to L.A. has served as a confirmation that anything can happen and will happen if you just believe.

A goal of mine for the last few years has been to get to the Grammys in any capacity. I would like to be nominated but what I understand now more than ever is that one has to be where the action is. It makes sense for any Artist to be in the city of Arts and Entertainment.

My plan was real simple...pass out cards meet people.

My adventure starts in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive. One thing I can say about Rodeo Drive is that it truly inspires a person to Get Money. The Ralph Lauren store was my favorite.

After visiting a few stores me and my lady decide to get something to eat. We go to Panini Cafe. As we walk in I immediately recognize a group of black people sitting at a table.....uhhhh..WE STAND OUT in Beverly Hills...lol.

Ultimately I go over and introduce myself to the table of people who look like me just to find out one of them is Anthony Hamilton....three time Grammy Nominee... Anthony Hamilton. He was extremely humble and approachable. We exchanged information and my trip was officially ON!

So then.....we head over to the W Hotel on Hollywood and Vine for a luncheon where Questlove from The Roots was the Dj. It was a real cool vibe. I link up with Dj Kmax of CTA Radio and I took some time out to chat with Phonte and Yazarah of Foreign Exchange. Foreign Exchange's song "Daykeeper" was nominated for a Grammy. It's a pretty amazing accomplishment considering that Nicolay and Phonte met online and they are for all intensive purposes an independent group.

****FLASHBACK****..A few days before I got to L.A. I was speaking with a friend of mine about some tracks I just got and how I wanted Mos Def to sing the hook on one of them. My friend then told me that its not a matter of me wanting it its a matter of me asking. Mos Def and MF Doom were scheduled to do a show in Chicago the weekend I would be in LA, so I asked my friend to get Mos Def's info for me. <------ ****Remember This****.

Ok back to L.A......So many parties are going on... Hassahn Phenomenon a Chicago artist who has been in L.A. for the past ten years scooped me up and we meet up with Dj Kmax at The Roots Jam Session at the Key Club on Sunset. The funny thing about L.A. is you really have no idea who you are going to run into. For instance as we walk in I turn around and I see "Frazier" ...lol...I mean Kelsey Grammer standing behind me...then I turn right and George Lopez is standing next to me.. and yes I GIVE THEM MY CARD.

Anyway.... as I walk into the Artist Lounge I meet and greet everybody from Estelle to John Legend to Slash from Guns and Roses.

It starts getting a bit crowded on the inside so I decide to go outside and mingle a bit. I meet a few artists from around the globe and I am getting more and more excited about these new connections. At that moment I start thinking about the Mos Def/MF Doom show that was going on in the Chi and I was wondering if my friend was going to be able to get Mos Def's info.....no sooner than I have this thought.. I look up and Mos Def is standing right in front of me....WOW...Of course I seize the opportunity..I let him know about the song I wanted him to be on and we exchanged information.

For some reason the show did not happen in Chicago and ultimately it was to my benefit because I am one step closer to doing a song with one of my favorite artists.

I actually could go on and on about the experiences I had on this trip but I would be typing for a while...for real.

Overall this experience was Re-Energizing, Eye-Opening and Inspirational.

I look forward to what the Future holds having faith and trust that the best is RIGHT HERE!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive


....Ohhh Yeah Bel Air is OFF THE CHAIN!!!!


Too Cool said...

You are an inspiration, P! I look forward to seeing the next thing you are blessed with... remember the lil' people!

joelle said...

MOs Def is my husband AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!! What was his response when you handed him your stuff?

momowilly said...

Awesome! Faith works!

B-hill said...

This is article shouold be read by all who aspire for something greater in there life. This has definately lifted my spirits and expectations. Keep moving P.

Sandria Washington said...

I've always said "The Secret" is no secret. Faith and belief and utilizing the power of the mind is what it's all about. We can manifest whatever we believe. This post was awesome and inspiring, and a testiment to the power of faith. It also proves a point about faith and works going hand in hand. You could have daydreamed for years on end about "one day" getting to the Grammys with a nominated song, but instead you put yourself in the very place you wanted to be--in the now. That is powerful! You have to put yourself in the game before you can win it, ya dig?

And I want a Grammy, too, so let a sistah get some writing credits on a track, lol!