Rebattie Haiti...A SUCCESS!

....OK.. its eight o'clock and my nerves are getting to me. I am searching for a place in my mind that is peaceful and does not allow me to worry. I try to find a corner in the BVIC(Bronzeville Visitors Information Center)to gather my thoughts. However no matter where I go somebody seems to find me.

I take the elevator downstairs and meet up with Charles one of the individuals who helped to plan this event. We begin to talk about FAVOR....ahhhh...FAVOR...my favorite word. Just what I needed to hear. At That moment I knew everything would be fine.

I spoke to Misrak of Organic Funk Productions and after speaking with her my nerves started to settle.

God is so AMAZING!!. People started coming in and any element of worry I had soon dissipated. My sister Joelle Lamarre opened the event with some background on our organization The Haitian Advancement Foundation.

Lid Law, P1 and J. Hill gave some amazing performances.My mother made some great food, my friend Victor Moore and his wife Briana kept the libation flowing and Dj Kmax played some great music. The vibe was positive and we almost made our goal of $1000.00. REBATTIE HAITI...REBUILD HAITI was a SUCCESS.

It feels wonderful to know how successful this event was, but let us not forget we have so much more work to do.

Haiti needs us more and more each day. HAF is dedicated to the economic development of Haiti through education. We understand that it is the responsibility and right of The Haitian people to make these changes on their own terms. HAF is here to assist.

As we grow we will continue to reach out to all of you and our hope is that you understand our motivation and help us to preserve and grow Haiti's rich culture.

Thank you to all who have supported and continue to support HAF and Rebbatie Haiti Rebuild Haiti.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive


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Phenomenal1 said...

I agree this event was wonderful! Thank you brother for putting me on...now its my turn to return the favor and let you get your full set in up at Pheature next saturday! Cant wait.