March IS ON!!!

I can feel the universe lining up. So much has been happening. God has given us the gift of faith and the universe is available to all of us. I know this.

March has been and will continue to be a busy month for me."Saturday Night Pheature" with P1 at the Music Lounge in Logan Square kicked the month off. It was a great show and I felt myself go into a zone. I was truly in the moment, and it felt surreal.

**Praise Break**...The night of the "Saturday Night Pheature" I was driving down the Kennedy and heard something pop by my left tire and it started to shake vigorously. I told myself I would go do the show and drive home as carefully as possible. Nothing was going to stop me. I make it to the show and home safely. Sooooooo....I took my car to the mechanic and he looks at me and says.. "I'm surprised your breaks didn't go out"...My calibrator (whatever that is) was off and could have broken at any moment leaving me without breaks...but it didn't break. It should have but it didn't. God is AMAZING...and is truly a refuge for all of us! THANK YOU THANK YOU...I am so GRATEFUL!!!.....

Ok...Back to March...its a busy month so far...Im headed to Austin Texas for South By Southwest..(SXSW). Its one of the largest music festivals every year and I got booked for a show On March 20 @ The LightBar...I am so excited....

When I return from Austin...I will be performing at "A Night Of Sight and Sound" with Saul Williams, Lethal Poetry, Malik Yusef and Aja Monet at The Kinetic Playground..partial proceeds will go to Rock For Kids

The movement is GROWING and PROSPERING....My Album "It's On Me" is coming soon...MARCH ON!!!

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive



Phenomenal1 said...

Wow man didn't know that about your brakes. That's is truly a blessing and glad you were able to make it to music lounge to rock it the way you did an also make it home safely. Looks like a great lineup in that show at SXSW hate that I won't be down there but safe travels there my brother and much continued success!

Mani said...

that's wassup!
congrats precise.

good to hear about your upcoming shows.

Precise said...

I appreciate you guys commenting. P1 you know its on in April right...time to take it to the NEXT LEVEL...Mani when we gettin back in the studio...waitin for that HOG project..u been all over the world.

Anonymous said...
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