The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point

**NO SPOILER ALERT!!!** So today I watching Breaking Bad the show with the father from Malcolm in the Middle where a chemistry teacher turns drug lord. It’s an AWESOME SHOW. So I m getting into this particular episode and every scene is more intense than the other. I am immersed. I am one with the visual. Then BOOM! One of the most horrible and despicable things happens to one of the characters. I find myself stuck…..thinking. How could they do such a thing? What is going to happen now? Will they get caught? How is this going to end? My mind has been captured by this series of events I’m watching and I develop concern and pay attention to it. Then it hits me…this is a television show.

The sum of our lives is made up of experiences that trigger emotions that trigger other experiences that cause reactions and develop into life events and memories.

We experience these events through our senses. Our senses make it real.

I chuckled when I realized that I allowed myself to be sucked into this imaginary world riddling my mind with thoughts of how this show affected my emotion and especially my vibration.

In this moment I recognized how important it is for me to be aware and in control of my emotion. I mean seriously….I have to develop my own experience and reach the goals I have set for myself. GREATNESS IS HERE!

Media is a powerful tool. My mind is more powerful.

Television programing is exactly what it says it is. Hiding in plain view.

Stay Focused, Positive and Productive.


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Anonymous said...

"Breaking Bad" is BAD! If you have not watched the earlier episodes by all means do so!